Chronic back pain can be completely debilitating. Moreover the pain-killers we use to tackle our pain are often ineffective at best and can certainly manifest a raft of potentially serious side-effects. Furthermore opiates can be highly addictive. So any form of holistic medicine that can be effective against chronic pain without any of the side effects is something to shout about. In the link here you see a young mother explaining how her Sciatica disappeared never to return following a course of Homeopathic medicine.

In truth any long-standing problem is best addressed by consulting an experienced homeopath, since chronic pain can indicate an imbalance at a deeper level. Also there are so many more remedies to be considered than those profiled here. However I do want to share with you some first-aid remedies which can be beautifully effective, and which you can easily access and use at home.

When using remedies we first look at their Affinity – that is to say the tissues of the body they act upon. Then we look at the Modalities of the patient as they experience the illness, pain (or whatever we are treating.). Such things as whether you need to keep completely still, whether you need to move around, whether you find the pain better for warmth, or for cold. Anything at all, in fact, that individualizes the pain and demonstrates how YOU experience YOUR backache. This will help you to select the remedy that is likely to be most effective for you at this moment.

I am going briefly to describe 5 remedies:

  • Arnica
  • Rhus Tox
  • Ruta
  • Hypericum
  • Bryonia


Arnica we all know for bruising – and it is without parallel. So for any back-pain as a result of injury this will be one of the first remedies to consider. It is also good for over-exertion.Specifically in the spine it will be most effective for neck and lower back pain where the pain has a bruised quality. You could be irritable and will not want to be touched. Pain will be worse for sudden jarring. Pain will be worse for damp and better for cold applications.



Affinity to connective or fibrous tissue, especially ligaments. So it is known as a wonderful sprain remedy. Fantastic for back pain after over-lifting or overdoing it at the gym provided the modalities fit. Neck stiffness with a sprained pain from the nape to the shoulder blades. Lower back pain which is aching and stiff. The key modality for Rhus tox is that it is very much worse for first moving and then as you continue to move the symptoms will ease off. The symptoms are worse from damp and cold and better for warmth.
















Whereas Rhus tox is particularly indicated for ligament issues, Ruta is indicated where the problem is with tendons.There is a bruised soreness – it can almost feel as if something is broken. In the spine the pain is in the lower back and coccyx. Again useful for back pain after overlifting if the modalities fit. Ruta and Rhus tox can look very similar. Ruta is worse for cold applications, worse first movement and better for continued movement. The back pain will be better for pressure or lying on a hard surface. It is better for bending backwards.















This is the first remedy to consider in trauma to the coccyx. The pains will be sharp and shooting and extend up the spine. It can even be considered when the injury occurred some time ago if the pains persist. It can also be considered in Sciatica from injury with shooting pains extending away and down the leg.



You may well be irritable. You will be thirsty. This pain has a sharp stitching quality to it. Bryonia pain is very much better for keeping still and for firm pressure. Better for heat on the affected area.


Remedies can be ordered from your local health food shop – try Chester Health Store, 59 Bridge Street Row, Chester (on the rows) tel no 01244 320444 or by contacting one of the homeopathic pharmacies listed below.





If you are interested in reading more about how you might treat yourself and your family for simple first-aid and acute situations then I highly recommend the following two books.

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook                     Miranda Castro

The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy                  Colin Griffith


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