6 reasons why diets don’t work…and how to succeed!

diets don't work

January is typically a time when we set our goals for the upcoming year.  The most popular health goal for the New Year is to lose weight…but is this the right goal to aim for?

The research behind success with New Year’s Resolutions is bleak.  Typically, one quarter of New Year diets are broken within 2 weeks and half within 4 weeks! Even for those who manage to reach their desired weight loss goal, between 90 to 95% gain all of the weight lost back.  As grim as it is, typically dieters start 4 diets per year! So, why is it that we give up and where do we go wrong?

Why diets don’t work long term

There are many reasons diets don’t work- here are my top six. How many can you relate to?

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From my experience I sometimes think that a New Year goal to lose weight is actually a bad choice!  Instead of focusing on losing weight how about you make your goal for 2017 to be healthy?  What would you look and feel like at the end of 2017 if you concentrated on being healthy rather than on losing weight?  Would you be more likely to succeed in having the figure that you want?

Right focus

Focusing on being healthy is about making a life-long commitment to health.  It’s about doing it your way and with the right knowledge to make good choices!  If you are eating healthily, you can eat abundantly – you stop eating when your body tells you that you have had enough.  As your focus will now always be about health, there is no ending and if you have a less healthy day for some reason, then your focus is still on health the next day. You are still on track!  Your focus will be on positivity!


Another reason that diets don’t work is that 80% of dieters attempt to do their diets alone.  This is not easy, especially if you don’t get lots of encouragement from those around you. For 2017 start a new health focus with a group of like-minded people.  I will be starting a new, natural weight programme where you can connect with me on a regular basis and be a part of group of people with a similar goal.

You will get individually tailored nutrition consultations, group meetings and access to other great events. Together we can do this! For more details, contact me at Sandra@TheEssenceOfHealth.co.uk or 0775 801 2894.