Are Your Internal Arguments Sabotaging You?

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For 50 years my weight was not a problem, then in my 50’s it went out of control. I dealt with a lot of the emotional issues but there is still something going on making my weight go up and down.

At the beginning of the year I was losing weight then one week it was a struggle even though I lost weight, it was as if my head and mouth were having a disagreement. The following week it was a massive argument and the mouth was in control, I laughingly said they needed marriage guidance.

It felt like divorce proceedings where both sides wanted to win and have full custody and control of the offspring. Neither side able to see how they were hurting and damaging each other but more importantly themselves.

We have moved onto custody and visitation rights, the mouth insisted on the weekend and most of the week the head insisted on a minimum of 4 weekday visits. The hope is they will work together in harmony for the best welfare of the offspring – my health and well being.

We all think our brain – conscious mind – is in control, but the unconscious mind – emotions – drive all we do, we need to understand what is unresolved and make peace with it and check that the conscious and unconscious mind are on the same page striving for the same thing, otherwise there will be internal conflict and we will sabotage our efforts.

This applies to food and drink, fitness, relationships with others, even our working lives.

Our lives are a journey full of ups and downs, I am in my 70th year and still have things to understand about my emotions around my weight, but have total belief that I will eventually resolve the final issues around it.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helped me in resolving cart loads of emotional issues from my childhood, gave me self confidence, even when things go wrong accepting it and learning from it and moving forward not back.

Being stuck in old fears, blaming others and negativity keep us locked in the past and not moving into a brighter future. We are only here once that we are conscious of, so enjoy every day of this amazing journey.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday....and everything is fine.”

Enjoy life! This is not a rehearsal.


Linda Hornsby

Master Practitioner of NLP

Master Practitioner of Amatsu