Brainhearing – The new research on how we hear!

HearPure share some newly published scientific research on the understanding we are starting to develop within the field of 'brainhearing,' along with the technological advances to support this.

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Our brains understand the world around us through our five senses.

We heavily rely on our hearing in everyday life for communication. Having a hearing loss does not only mean listening becomes difficult, but the brain also needs to work harder to understand sounds.

New scientific discoveries have unveiled further knowledge of how the brain processes sound, and this serves as the foundation of the new perspective in BrainHearing.

Recent studies show that inadequate treatment of even mild hearing loss can have negative consequences for people’s brains and lives. Together, these insights challenge the status quo by going against conventional thinking and demand changes to the way we treat hearing loss.

The hearing centre in the brain consists of two subsystems:

The ORIENT subsystem constantly scans all surrounding sounds – no matter their nature and direction – to create a full perspective of the sound scene.

The FOCUS subsystem helps people select which sounds to listen to.

The two subsystems work together continuously and simultaneously.oticon brainhearing

Conventional Hearing Aid technology restricts peoples access to the full sound scene. This makes it harder for the orient subsystem to work properly which then negatively impacts the focus subsytem.

So, it’s not enough to use conventional hearing care.

The consequences of inadequate hearing loss treatment will result in increased listening effort, increased mental load, reorganised brain functionality, accelerate cognitive decline, and accelerated brain volume shrinkage. Brain problems can turn into life problems leading to social
isolation; depression; poor balance; fall -related injuries; dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hearing aids MUST deliver a good neural code that is easy for the brain to decode. ALL sounds must be accessible, clear, comfortable and audible in any situation.

If your hearing aids are not delivering these key essentials, it’s time to reassess.

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HearPure is an independent provider of Oticon BrainHearing Technology. You can call for a free consultation and assessment 01244 311142 or visit their website here

The HearPure mission is to help you improve your hearing and your life. They do that through:

  • An in-depth hearing assessment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss affecting you.
  • Creating a custom hearing loss treatment plan that takes you from struggling to hear to crystal clear hearing.
  • Working with you to address common, ongoing conditions, including wax build-up that can affect hearing, tinnitus, and other conditions.
  • Addressing ongoing hearing loss through professional assessments, important treatments, and advanced technology.
  • Working with you to determine if hearing aids are right for you, as well as which type is best suited to your needs today and in the future.
  • Custom fitting and programming for your hearing aids to ensure they’re perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs.

At Hear Pure we do more than just fit you with hearing aids. A Hearing Loss Treatment Plan proactively addresses the underlying cause while augmenting your ability to hear today and in the future.

Editors: Brian Man Kai Loong, MSc Clinical Research Audiologist, Centre for the Applied Audiology
Research, Oticon A/S Elaine Hoi Ning Ng , PhD, MSc Senior Research Audologist, Centre for the
Applied Audiology Research, Oticon A/S