Christmas Wellness Ideas

Christmas Wellness Ideas

Perfection at Christmas is a myth - so much so that one in twenty people find Christmas more stressful than being burgled! (Stress Management Society)

So start planning with wellness in mind to avoid the stresses on the day! -

  • AVOID HEADING FOR PERFECTION - instead think of your Christmas as being lovely, enjoyable and easy going (physically, mentally & financially!!)
  • PLAN TO BE HAPPY - don't bow down to the pressure of doing things you may not wish to do, its okay to say no! Do what you want to do.
  • MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES - Christmas is often a time of over indulgence, and that is never good for our overall wellness. When we eat healthily, drink plenty of water, get active and limit alcohol that is by far the best way to treat ourselves and our bodies!
  • MAKE TIME FOR YOU - take time to unwind - whether simply taking slow deep breaths for a few minutes, meditating , listening to music or reading a good book, this is such a rewarding time for ourselves and an easy treat!
  • SAVOUR MOMENTS - this is the true link to happiness and wellness - it's when you fully feel, enjoy and extend a moment, it creates a lasting positive feeling - it can be something you hear, feel, smell, see or taste. Savour as many moments as you truly can!

This way you make such marvellous Christmas memories.


From the Team at Beehive Healthcare x