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 The "LA Lift" is available in Chester!

Would you like to look younger, fresher perhaps slightly airbrushed without the ‘fake look? Well microneedling could be the answer to your prayers.

Put off that facelift!!

Microneedling is nothing new but the advanced technology of the Dermapen and the hard work of one of Beverley Hills leading Doctors, who specialised in microneedling, and developed “The LA Lift” means that anyone can now benefit from advanced skin care solutions that are scientifically proven to deliver results, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, reduce pigmentation or redness, help reduce acne scarring or any number of other skincare problems.

Popular with “A list’ celebrities and VIP clients who want to move away from looking like they have had plastic surgery and want to look younger and better but without the fake look.


Beehive Healthcare | Skin Rejuvination, Facial Peels and Acupuncture | Before Dermapen
Beehive Healthcare | Skin Rejuvination, Facial Peels and Acupuncture | Dermapen Results

Dermapen ambassador and star of channel 4 TV show Body Fixers Dr Tijjon Esho is a big fan of the LA lift and dermapen using it on his own celebrity client base and recently Dr Esho said, “Microneedling has played a crucial part of my skin rejuvenation protocols, so I have seen and used many devices currently on the market. Out of these, the Dermapen stood out as one of the best, not just in its sleek design but ultimately its superior function”

Regenerative microneedling treatments

Regenerative treatments are the fastest growing treatments in the aesthetic world and are popular because they can be used on any age, any skin type and on any part of the body – no more giveaway liver spotted hands or sagging neck.

The minimal downtime means it is ideal for those with busy lifestyles. It can literally be like having a facelift in your lunch hour.

The "LA Lift" has come to Chester!

If you are interested in fresher, smoother and visibly brighter skin contact Facialist Emma Brimson who would love to work with you to get the skin you want and erase your skins past.

Emma is the expert facialist working at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic based at Beehive Healthcare in Chester. You can email her or call her on 07487638487 or 01244915603 for your free consultation

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