Healthy Aging & Hypnotherapy

Over the years as we begin to age, we get to have lived life, experience those time that are happy and those that are sad. We get to become good at things, do things that become second nature to us. This is because of the neuro-pathway, a pathway where what ‘Fires together, Wires Together”, a place where memory is built and chemical reactions are taking place faster that fibre optic board band.

However this little world where billions and billions of neurons fire off every millisecond of the day, is not always firing the way we would like.  You see in side our brains we have chemicals such Dopamine that helps us in motivation in the pleasure/reward system. We have Serotonin, which helps our moods and appetite, as well as sleep and another called Cortisol, responsible for the stressful side of our lives. These are just a few of the chemicals that get released in and around our brains everyday.

You see these chemicals are the reason that you feel the way you feel. Too much Cortisol could lead to unhealthy eating, drinking, lack of sleep and all the usual suspects.  People low in Serotonin are once again prone to anxiety and binge eating, while finally too little Dopamine can leave you unfocused and unmotivated.

Now this happens in all of us from a young age, however as we get old like I mentioned we become more experienced, we have been though those life’s up’s and down’s and the chemicals have all been firing and wiring away turning you in to the person you are right now. The question you have to ask yourself is Do I Like Who I Am and if not what are you going to do about it?

The good news is, if you don’t and you want to refocus your life you can do something about it. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a great and safe way of you re-establishing yourself into the person you want to be. By dealing directly with your mindset, focus on what gets you motivated, interested, happy and loved. Together you can turn the Serotonin up and become happy again, get the Dopamine levels rising with motivation and finally lower Cortisol. All this  because your brain is an amazing thing and you Can control it.

However if Hypnosis is not for you there are lots of other ways that you can overcome these issues and some of them are right here at Beehive Healthcare.

  • You can start doing strong-minded orientations like Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation.
  • Visit the nutritionist about getting well-balanced meals or even
  • Try Adaptogenic herbal remedies.

There are so many to list, but one thing to take out of this article is that as we get old we have to consider our own Healthy Ageing and Do Something.

Remember pathways that fire together wire together.

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