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The best thing to happen around birth lately is Hypnobirthing - defined as " a method of pain management that can be used during labour and birth - Involving the use of a mixture of visualisations, relaxations and deep breathing techniques". Hypnobirthing is this, and it is so much more too - it is a way of simply rethinking of birth without fear and with enjoyment!

I have had the privilege of teaching Hypnobirthing for 5 years and being present at countless births where the mother and her birth partner have used the techniques beneficially. Birth experiences are positively altered by these taught techniques of calm and confidence, making the moment of birth so empowering and special - for mothers, birth partners and especially the babies too.

When labour is powerful and the mother and her birth partner feel in control and relaxed it is far more comfortable and quicker, often comfort measures like opioid injections and epidurals are not required, so the mother and baby work through the labour and birth together as nature has designed us to do so expertly.

Hypnobirthing with Confidence is a combination of three antenatal courses that I am trained in; Hypnobirthing (KGH), the Real Birth Workshop, and Spinning Babies. Creating a fusion of these, I have harnessed all the wonderfully helpful and positive information to offer complete knowledge and skills to help for birth.

Hypnobirthing - is based on providing knowledge and learned methods for relaxation, clarity of thought and the release of fear.

The Real Birth workshop - is positive birth education to empower pregnant woman and their birth partners on their options for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Spinning Babies - is the best education on preparing the body for birth with careful attention to the position of baby in the relation to the position of the mother. The focus is on using balance, posture and gravity wisely to lead to more comfort in pregnancy and birth, allowing for the baby to be in the best position ready to be born.


Beehive Healthcare Chester | Health and Wellbeing Centre | KimKim Crowe, Registered Midwife for 20 years runs Antenatal and Parent Education sessions.

Kim teaches The Real Birth Company Workshops and KG Hypnobirthing combined sessions called 'Hypnobirthing with Confidence' to expectant families to be, both courses being promoted by the Royal College of Midwives and FEDANT registered.

She personally used hypnobirthing to help during her very positive birth, and as a midwife has supported many families with the wonderful techniques since.

Confident Birth Chester is about quality antenatal and parent education via Hypnobirthing to the parents to be in the Cheshire and North Wales.