Beating the January Blues

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Here are our top 10 tips to help you feel happier this January - Each Year the first month has a reputation for being the one we don't welcome and this year it follows a tough 2020.

1. Wake up Well - Waking up mid-deep sleep leaves you feeling groggy and tired all day. Try downloading an app that monitors the way you sleep and sets off your alarm for an easier wake up. You can buy a gradual light alarm clock that mimics natural daylight so you'll never have a dark morning again.

2. Exercise More - Any workout to get your endorphins flowing is good, so a gentle jog or brisk walk will suffice. Try to do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week to feel more energised and upbeat.

3. Eat Well - So much of how we feel depends on what we're putting into our bodies food wise. Eating low glycemic index (GI) foods and make your meals rich in vitamins and omega-3s is the best way to boost health and immunity. Try to avoid processed foods and too much sugar and you'll be less likely to feel sluggish.

4. Enjoy the Light - Boost your serotonin levels with natural light. If you're cooped up inside all day then try to take a short walk outside as you'll be left feeling refreshed and happier. If you're really suffering from the long, dark days, think about investing in a lamp that replicates natural light.

5. Keep Busy - Organise plans for weekends and book a holiday away to keep you motivated. With something to look forward to, the month will fly by and it'll be spring before you know it.

6. Get Creative - Having a hobby like DIY, sewing, painting, or upcycling can be so very therapeutic. If you've never been the creative type, you could try an adult colouring book instead and listen to music as you create your individual masterpiece!

7. Don't do Resolutions - Many people suffer from the January blues because they were overly ambitious with their New Year's resolutions and are left feeling unhappy when they can't stick to them.

8. Show Kindness - Doing good deeds for others makes you (and them) feel great.

9. Take up Mindfulness and Yoga - People who do yoga are seemingly happy, relaxed and stress-free. Yoga and Mindfulness are ways to move within your ability and for the benefit of both body and mind.

10. Get Enough Sleep - We should aim for somewhere between seven to nine hours. Try to reduce screen time in the evenings to let your brain switch off and allow for a good snooze. The amount of sleep has a direct impact on our happiness levels, which in turn benefits our health and wellness.