July’s Aromatherapy Herb – Peppermint

The Versatile Herb – Peppermint

Our therapist Monika Frackowiak has selected Peppermint as our Herb of the Month.  We knew it could be used in drinks and sweets but there’s so much more to it….

What do you know about Peppermint infographic
Peppermint – the herb with so many uses

The Easiest Cool Summer Drink

We’ve discovered that just a couple of leaves dropped into a jug of water makes such a refreshing drink, and you can add a slice of lemon too for extra flavour.  So simple!


Image showing cool refreshing minty water
Ready in seconds – cool peppermint and lemon drink

Growing Peppermint

Peppermint is so easy to grow too.  You can buy plants for a couple of pounds from garden centres or online.  Plant it out in a pot preferably (as it’ll spread all over your garden if in a bed).  It’ll grow right throughout the summer and die back in late autumn.  But will pop up again in the Spring – so you only need to buy it the once! And if you have more than you can use in the Summer just pick the leaves and pop them in the freezer in a plastic bag until you want to use them.

Using Peppermint Aromatherapy Oil

A cooling, refreshing oil for the mind and body!
Some of the aromatherapy uses are:
  • Psychologically refreshes our mind and lifts the spirit up by instant penetration of our olfactory system
  • Physically can aid our body on hotter days by its cooling effect.
  • Works well as a muscle relaxant
  • An excellent spot treatment

Importance of aromatherapy at the Beehive

When the Beehive first opened, we recognised that the aroma which greets you when you walk in the building is important in helping to create a healing space.  And many of our therapists agree, providing aromatherapy massages and consultations too. Now we know more about when to use the aroma of mint! Thanks Monika