What Does the Industrial Revolution Have to do with Meditation?

During the Industrial Revolution in 1790, 225 years ago, we were more creative. When people went to work, all they had to do was their job. There weren’t the distractions we have today of social media, the Internet, gadgets, etc., and the pressures and stresses of everyday life. As a result they were creative.

What did this result in?

Inventions like:

  • The steam engine by Thomas Newcomen
  • The Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves
  • Morse code by Samuel Morse
  • The sewing machine by Elias Howe
  • The light bulb by Thomas Edison!

Are you fed up of being fed up?

Put aside time to be quiet so you can come up with your best decisions and get behind them. Let meditation power wash the brain …

Make meditation work for you.

Sir Clive Woodward – England rugby coach – discovered that if he could change 100 things by just 1% he would be 100% better, offering scientific methodology to preparation as he planned for that winning moment.

Novak Djokovic – famous tennis player – having had a particularly bad season adopted this same methodology, going on to win the following year.

Meditation could improve more than 1% in both your employees lives and in your business. Think about it for a moment …

The steam engine revolutionised the world. The last thing invented that revolutionised the world recently is the Internet, when Tim Berners-Lee was working alone on a project and wanted to send a message to someone in another room. It was the Internet he came up with. Perhaps cavemen weren’t as primitive as we first thought, given they discovered the benefits of meditation years before scientific evidence came to light, so why not influence your boss to be less of a dinosaur. Meditation could very well be the next thing to revolutionise our lives, especially if introduced into the workplace.

Give your employees the opportunity to learn this gift for life. Increase your business’s productivity and reduce staff absenteeism by teaching them how to meditate with Claire Pickering, here at Beehive Healthcare, Chester