Nicola Wagstaff from Inspire and Rewire

I created this video sequence one day when I woke up with a headache.  I used to suffer a lot with migraines for about a 2 year period, until I made new choices in my life that was causing me this pain – the symptom is not the cause.  After experiencing yoga and learning to relax, and change few things here and there I never suffered again.  Yet this headache came one day, so as well as looking at my current choices, I decided to ‘test’ out my methods and low and behold my headache was gone.

Physical symptoms come when we are not listening to ourselves.  Why do we get headaches?

Yes there can be underlying bio-chemical situations and nutrition etc. that need looking at, but often it comes from stress.  We are struggling to say no, causing us tension, or we are holding our shoulders tight and all of this can stress the neck leading to headaches and also leading to chemical reactions in the body such as stopping certain happy hormones which can impact our wellness overall.

This video is not a full yoga session; it focuses on releasing that tension from the neck and shoulders – it takes just 35 minutes.  If you want your pain to go… it’s worth that investment of time.  Hatha yoga means Sun/ Moon… it’s about balancing.  We live in a dualistic world and finding that middle ground is where we find our peace.  It also focuses on alignment of the body – especially the spine and our left and right sides – our masculine and feminine energies plus more!

My classes are Tuesday’s 4:30-6pm, 6-7pm Meditation follows 8-9pm and also Thursday mornings 09:45-11am.  For one to one sessions to support anxiety and stress release get in touch for Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and more… you can find the details on my website with lots of sharing of tips and techniques on facebook‘, for more insights you can read my blogs on the website too.’