Monya Holistic Therapies – July’s Therapist of the month

Monika Frackowiak Massage TherapistThis month our Therapist in Focus is Monika Frackowiak with her business Monya Holistic Therapies.

Monya is a fully qualified and highly skilled complementary therapist for healthcare.

She provides a wide range of treatments, including kinisiotaping, manual lymphatic drainage, various massages, reflexology, trigger point therapy, muscle energy release techniques and aromatherapy about which she’s passionate (not to say bonkers about aromatherapy).

We talked to her about her unique approach to aromatherapy and reflexology.

What prompted you to become a Complementary Therapist?

I’ve always been driven to help people since the very young age. As a child, I spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and I guess this triggered something in me. I believe that there is more to our well-being than just the medical side of things and conventional, hospital treatments.

I have become passionate about nature and the relationship between humans and nature. I discovered the holistic approach to mind, body and spirit and ever since I have always followed this path.

You offer a wide range of therapies – are complementary therapies for everyone?

Complementary treatments are definitely for everyone! From massage and aromatherapy for new-born babies or even pregnant mums to be, through ‘story massage’ for children and last but not least are adults of all ages.

What is your background and what training have you received?

I moved to the UK 10 years ago and I went to Wrexham Glyndwr University to study a Bachelor of Science degree in Complementary Therapies for Healthcare. This concentrated on practical experience as well as knowledge and skills in the areas of massage, reflexologyand aromatherapy as well as pathologies and patients healthcare to the highest degree.

I then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in order to teach complementary therapies.

I’ve also trained with The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), which I am a member of as well.

What is your unique approach and main focus?

As complex as some treatments can be for certain conditions, my unique way of using complementary therapies are personalised treatment plans.

Consultation with clients about their health and lifestyle as well as postural assessment are the tools I use to put the strategies together to combat the symptoms and the sources of concern.

Throughout my 7 years of experience, I’ve worked on many cases which have proven my treatments to be genuine and empowering for the mind, body and spirit allowing the body’s natural healing processes to take place.

As an aromatherapy passionista, I add aromatherapy to the reflexology treatment to make the holistic experience even more effective! I find many opportunities for the clients to use as much aromatherapy as possible and prolong the indulging experience for example, I often give a client a free potion of oils I’ve worked with during the treatment, so they can apply at home.

I’ve taken aromatherapy it to the next level. I make hand-made aromatherapy candles using organic soy and beeswax and adding essential oils to stimulate such sophisticated senses as the olfactory system and our sight.

What sort of problems do your clients typically have?

People come to me with diverse issues and physical impairments, such as: sciatica, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, bursitis, fibromyalgia, PMS, arthritis; through psychological ones, for example: anxiety, depression, mood swings; to cancer patients where I help them get through uneasy times by deep relaxation and detoxification.

In some cases, my focus is to help the body to remove toxins after the highly pharmacological treatments or weightless treatments.

How often do you need to repeat treatments?

The treatments can be used as a one-off, or on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis sessions.

The most effective treatments are provided on a weekly or bi-weekly sessions until the client is happy with results.

What’s most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding part of my work is to know that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life – to see happy and relaxed clients after receiving the treatment means the world to me! I feel the sense of accomplishment knowing that my clients’ concerns are gone and they achieved the equilibrium with their health and well-being.

To find out more about Monika’s different treatments, you can visit her page. Or if you would like a therapy session then book an appointment.

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