Monika’s holistic therapeutic approach and bespoke therapeutic programmes

Why I offer holistic treatments and therapeutic programmes?

Do you suffer with back ache, repetitive range of movements (RSI), musculoskeletal pains, problems after an operation, limited range of movements, stiffness, headaches, stress or sleep problems?

Do you feel you have tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Is your pain and physical discomfort really impacting your quality of life?

If you can relate to any of this, then read more about how holistic treatments can really benefit you and you'll learn more about how my bespoke sessions programmes can help you.

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My Holistic Approach

I’m Monika Frackowiak and have developed my own treatment programmes based on a holistic approach. Treating mind, body and soul as a whole is the main approach I use to make the treatments effective. I make an initial assessment - so I can fully understand all the factors about the problem, then I design a bespoke therapeutic session or a programme which is based on one or more of a combination of therapies.

Your progress is assessed as we go along and adapted to suit your needs, working with you to support you in achieving your health and well-being results.

When I’m developing your treatment plan I draw on years of my experience with many clients and on your feedback from last session. I often draw a strategy for the treatment on the day, making sure that you are receiving the best bespoke experience.

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Theraputic Treatments

The kind of treatments that can help with back aches are Muscle Energy Release Techniques (METs), Kinesiotherapy, Sport and Swedish Deep Tissue Massage. Often, I combine these techniques making a unique treatment that is highly effective in reducing or removing aches.

For stress I find Reflexology, Hypno-reflexology, Muscle Energy Release Techniques and Aromatherapy to be the most effective. These techniques work on the physical, mental and emotional levels and help to balance the energy field within the physical body.

For lack of sleep, the most effective is Reflexology combined with Aromatherapy and the favourite oils that the client has an option to choose from a wide variety of relaxing and calming essential oils.

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Why I use this approach

If physically something is not right and we experience pain, it affects our mental state and when we are stressing, in the long term our physical body can produce symptoms such as stiffness, ache or both. The same correlation can be found between emotional and physical health - when we look at the world around through a negative lens, after prolonged period of time we may start to experience physical pain. This highlights why holistic approach is so important – because it treats out mental, emotional and physical body as one and by regular holistic treatments clients can achieve balance and harmony amongst all three bodies.

During my bespoke therapeutic and health maintenance programmes you will experience a holistic complementary therapies to remove pain, discomfort and stiffness. Stress levels are reduced and therefore stress related conditions are often managed and no symptoms experienced.

Choosing holistic complementary treatments you are likely to experience a new sense of self, more energy, feeling revitalised and happy and healthy.

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