Our Therapist in Focus: Julie Flower

This month, we’re sitting down with Julie Flower from Peaceful Minds.

Julie Flower - Integrative Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Access Consciousness - Beehive HealthcareJulie provides a combination of talking and energy therapies which include Integrative counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Access consciousness to help people have a clearer understanding of themselves, release negative emotions and thought patterns enabling them to feel more confident and have a Peaceful Mind.

We spoke to Julie about the types of people who access her services, how they benefit and what misconceptions there are surrounding what a counsellor does:

Julie, I guess the first question is what made you want to become a counsellor?

When I was younger, I had very low self-esteem, I suffered from anxiety and I never really understood why: why did I feel so low, why did I have so much fear? I was always interested in the deeper meaning of life but it wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I took this any further. Before that, I was immersed in living the life that was set out for me asking no questions, in a semi-unconscious robotic state relying on many defence mechanisms to help me temporarily feel better.

When I reached my thirties I started training in many different therapies including the ones I now work with. Through that learning, I started to understand myself and others, and slowly began to understand my issues and where they came from. I was a product of my parent’s and society’s conditioning, brainwashed to think, believe and live in certain ways which were not true for me, so a journey of self-exploration began. I started to release trapped negative emotions with Access Consciousness and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I unravelled and revealed many of my dysfunctional styles of thinking and unhelpful belief systems and I had a clear and honest review of the values I was living by, versus the true values I held close to my heart.


So your own lived experiences led you to find an interest in understanding people, their psychology and overcoming problems – do you feel this drives you in helping others?

Yes, definitely. It is my passion and as I have gone through the process myself I understand the challenges people face when they embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Tell me more about integrative counselling – what is it exactly?

Integrative counselling means I have been trained in different counselling theories, which include Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamics and Solution Focused Therapy plus many more. This means I can work in a number of ways depending on what the client needs. Person Centred is the backbone of all my therapies. The core element of this is providing the client with an empathetic, congruent and non-judgemental space in which the client can feel safe to explore their  difficult feelings and emotions, CBT looks at the patterns between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the triggers behind them. Psychodynamics looks at your past and how it may be contributing to your problems now, and Solution Focused Counselling is about moving forward and finding solutions.


What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT is a technique that can release trapped negative emotions with a simple tapping technique. It’s based on the traditional meridian points which have been used by acupuncturists for over 5000 years, but without the invasiveness of needles.

With EFT, we tune into a problem or the feelings about a problem. As the client is tuning in, they tap on the meridian points. The theory is that when you have an event in your life, that causes a negative emotion a blockage may occur in your energetic system, this blockage continues to produce the negative emotion each time it is triggered. By tapping it out whilst focusing on the feelings we can tap out and release the blockages freeing us of the negative emotion.


What does Access Consciousness involve then?

During an Access Bars session, I lightly touch 32 points over the client’s head during the course of an hour. Touching the bars allows for the electromagnetic charge that holds negative thoughts, feelings and emotions in place to dissipate, enabling stress relief and a more peaceful mindset.

The aim is to ‘delete’ some of the ‘rubbish’ in your mind, clearing out the thoughts that aren’t useful. It’s a lovely healing technique and it can help you see things differently and open your mind up to different ways of being or behaving.


What do you think is the most important aspect of your work?

A huge part of what I do is enabling my clients to be who they really are, to understand themselves and to overcome the conditioning which tells them who they ought to be. I’m trying to ‘wake people up’ – if, of course, they want to be woken up, helping them overcome their issues and blockages.


Do you think people have any misconceptions about counselling and talking therapies? What sort of things do you come across?

Yes. I think some people think I’m going to solve all their problems and I’ve got a magic wand. Sometimes there’s impatience and a lack of understanding. Counselling is a process, sometimes, it takes a long time, but it depends on the person, not everybody needs to go on the whole journey.

Some clients have massive insights after three or four sessions. It takes courage to take an honest look at oneself, facing things they may have hidden for years, but, with the right support, this can be the path to freedom. Some people quit when it gets a little uncomfortable and run back to their comfort zone, this is a frustrating part of my job, but everyone has to face things when the time is right for them and my door always stays open.


Are there any specific ‘types’ of people who access your services?

No, I have many different clients from many different backgrounds. They all have a common theme, they are out of touch with their true selves and stuck in negative belief systems and thinking styles, with repressed emotions blocking their energy systems.

Many people think you need a major trauma to seek help, this is not true, it can be a slow build up of living against who you really are that can result in symptoms such as anxiety and depression.


Julie Flower is a fully-qualified, Integrative counsellor, and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, hypnotherapist, life coach, Emotional Freedom Practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars therapist.

Julie has a passion for helping people understand themselves and the way they think, behave and feel; her specialisms include stress, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, but she welcomes most issues.

You can make initial contact with Julie, or book a session, by contacting Beehive Healthcare on 01244 915 603. All enquiries and sessions are completely confidential.