My Reiki Journey, by Phil Beale, Reiki Master Teacher

My Reiki Journey

Hi there and welcome to my Reiki blog.

I guess if you’re reading this you will already have at least a passing interest in spirituality and maybe healing too. Perhaps you’re an experienced Reiki Practitioner, a spiritual lightworker or an active Holistic therapist. Who and whatever you are, I bid you welcome and hope you enjoy reading about my Reiki experiences.

So to begin with I’m going to start at the beginning and talk about where my own healing journey began and how I came to find the wonderful art of Reiki. I’d love to hear back from you if you care to comment in any way, to share your own story or just to express your thoughts. I want this to be very much a two-way street.

As a younger man, and a spiritual one, I’d been intrigued with tales of what was then called ‘faith healing’ but had never directly experienced anything like it. Then my world changed.

My beautiful Daughter is fast approaching twenty years old, so I can accurately place the incident I’m about to describe to exactly this time twenty years ago. It was a Sunday evening and her Mum was almost at full term in the pregnancy – and in agony. The lower back pain she was experiencing was excruciating - the baby must have been sitting on a nerve and her distress was real and frightening. I felt helpless. She couldn’t take strong painkillers for obvious reasons. The local Doctors surgery was closed. Online services were in their infancy and NHS Direct didn’t exist. And a trip to A & E was going to be very difficult with a ten year old already sleeping upstairs. What on earth could I do?  I suddenly recalled the discussions we’d had about people healing others by placing their hands on them. With nothing to lose I resolved to try it and see what happened. I asked her to kneel in front of me on the sofa, clutching a pillow to her tummy for some support and silently called out to any Angels that might be around us for some help. I then placed my hands on her lower back.  Within a second or two the most amazing heat shot from my hands. I’m not sure which of us was most surprised, and a little frightened too!! Within a few more seconds the pain had completely gone, along with her tears. I helped her upstairs to bed and a good night’s sleep, totally unable to believe what had just happened.

But that isn’t the end of the story. The following morning the ten year old came down and started getting herself ready for school. Over breakfast she told her Mum about a really strange dream she’d had overnight. “What was it about, chicken?” asked her Mum. She replied “I dreamed that there was an Angel in the house.”

Proof indeed to us that we hadn’t dreamed or imagined the previous night’s events.

Over the intervening years I tried to repeat the exercise when called upon, but with little success. I’d even met a Reiki Master while working in my former career, but it had made no impression on me - I thought it was some form of Oriental massage. Then, just over two years ago I met someone who would give me the knowledge I sought and would provide me with the switch I’d been looking for to turn on my healing powers at will. Someone who would set me on the path to where I happily sit today as a Reiki Master myself, helping people in so many ways – emotionally, physically and spiritually – with the healing power of the Universal Life Force energy that is Reiki.

More next month. Thank you for reading!

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Reiki Master Teacher

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