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Sandra Leyland Williams from The Essence of Health runs workshops, and can also teach individually about using safe and natural alternatives to everyday cleaning products, that may well be damaging to your health.

When you spring clean or even do your everyday cleaning, you should feel safe with any product you use.  The truth is, however, that many of the common products you use daily are likely to be a source of toxins that can lead to premature ageing and chronic disease.

Products that contain toxic chemicals are :- washing up liquids, laundry detergent, fabric softener, plug in air freshener, spray air freshener, toilet cleaner, multi surface cleaner, hand cleaner, dishwasher powder or tablets and furniture polish.  There are more products than mentioned here, but just to point out that virtually everyone uses them.

At the workshop, you will be shown how to replace these toxic chemicals with safe, natural alternatives, and you will even get to make some of the products yourself to take home and use.  Sandra has chemical free ingredients and products that are available to order or buy.  In just 2 hours you can find out about possible causes of current health problems and ways to avoid health problems in later life from these unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

Sandra has been making her own cleaning products or buying safe alternatives for years, mainly because she discovered she is chemically sensitive, Just a slight smell of some products can set off itching, sneezing, skin irritations and at times intense pain, worsened if the actual product gets into contact with the skin.  These reactions are more than inconvenient, but did allow for identification what causes the problem, and to remedy the situation very quickly.  Many people think that they are okay with chemicals because they don't have these immediate or intense reactions, however the chemical are still affecting their health.  Chemical contact can result in headaches of over many years contribute to much more serious health problems without the case being evident.  Asthma can be made much worse with chemicals and many auto-immune illnesses and cancer can be attributed to a chemical connection.

Now, Sandra finds herself sharing her solutions for a variety of reasons - chemical sensitivities, health reasons, money saving, saving the planet and increased general awareness of toxic chemicals all around us.  Sandra has been making her own products due to initially finding that there were very few safe alternatives to buy, however now there is an improved range if making your own does not appeal to you, but, making your own products will save you money and reuses containers - so just making one product on a regular basis will very quickly cover the cost of the workshop!


Sandra Leyland Williams

The Essence of Health

Beehive Healthcare, Chester