The Importance of Sleep

We have all had those experiences that the impact a good nights sleep can have on our day and the HUGE difference a bad nights sleep can also have!

Claire Louise Hegarty from Tranceformations PBE shares her insights:

Sleep is so important in so many ways -

  • Sleep is the time when our body does the predominant healing work essential to good health and wellbeing
  • Sleep is the time when we can completely switch off physical, mentally and emotionally
  • Sleep gives us time to “recharge” and our mind to download the days events, ready for the next
  • When we sleep we go into the dream state which is a time to let our unconscious creative juices flow. Many people gain huge insights into problems that they just couldnt find answers to in their normal waking state

There have been many studies to show that those who have good quality of sleep find areas like achieving long term weight loss easier due to their overall mental/emotional and physical wellbeing.
Our “mood” has such an impact on our behaviours and so therefore our results. Sleep impacts our mood, so good sleep, good mood, positive behaviours - positive results!



We all require different amounts of sleep, our bodies have their own unique cycles and often people are attempting to force themselves to stay in bed longer than they may need; perhaps because they believe there are set hours we should all sleep for.

Everyone has had experiences where you may have had 6 hours of great quality sleep and then still stay in bed for another 2! Afterwards thinking "I should have just got up"  The reverse can also be true with some people requiring closer to 8 hours sleep.

The key is to get the best quality of sleep you possibly can for you.

TIPS for Good Quality Sleep


  • As we all have our own unique cycles, find the time thats best for you to go to sleep. Some people around 10pm is better, some earlier, some closer to 12pm. Factor this around what time you are wanting to get up and especially how much “down time” you can give yourself before you go to sleep
  • MAKE TIME FOR DOWNTIME before you go to sleep. If you have recently had some coffee, are on FaceBook, checking emails etc. your mind is going to be running at an activity level that is not conducive to falling off to sleep. Ideally you want to have a good hour of “down time” before lights off.
    This down time can be reading a book, taking a nice warm bath, meditation, listening to some relaxing music and electronics free.
  • Write down what is on your mind. If you find you have a very active mind generally, before you go to sleep, this takes this information out of your mind so you can address it when you wake up the next day.

What if I wake up in the night?

Some people find it very easy to fall asleep and then wake up part way though the night. If this is the case:

  1. Find out what is waking you up, is something on your mind?
  2. If there is, write it down on a pad next to your bed. Often people want to make sure they remember for the morning and so this is what stays spinning around for hours,
  3. Do some deep breathing to get yourself nice and relaxed again
  4. Remember the position you woke up in, get yourself back into that same position to assist and enable yourself to easily fall back off asleep.

claire hegarty chester

Claire Hegarty is a Health and Lifestyle Expert

Claire is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Master Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, Certified Reiki Master, Certified in a wide range of Shamanic teachings and also trained in techniques from Huna - Ancient Hawaiian Shamansim

Claire has been in the field of personal development for 19 years, carrying out her unique 1-1 programmes for 15 years and teaching and training others for 9 years. As part of her ongoing experience and continued learning she is training to become an NLP Master Trainer which is the highest qualification you can gain within NLP. As you would expect, when becoming a Master of any field, the requirements are very high and it takes a minimum of 5 years to get to this level.
One of her passions is to be able to empower others by sharing information that enables them to take control of their life, health, mind and relationships so they too can make their dreams come true and live the life they truly want.  As well as her 1-1 tailored programmes, Certification Programmes, courses, presentations and workshops, she also offer weekly tips and advice via her radio show The Health Inspector where every month I cover a different topic related to Health and Lifestyle.

Claire is available for phone or face to face consultations here at Beehive Healthcare.

To find out more or to contact Claire about any of her programmes:

Telephone: 0151 678 3358
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