Therapist of the month – Noella Grace

Jazz Dance Stretch and Tone ClassA breath of fresh air!

Our newest trainer Noella Grace danced into our centre recently with her passion and creativity.

She is energising our clients with her Jazz Dance Stretch & Tone Class.  We’re loving the sound of jazz and laughter coming from the Studio on a Thursday morning and wanted to find out more….

Where does your love of dance come from?

It’s always been in my life; my mum was a dancer and trainer and it was natural to start dance classes when I was five. I went on to a dance and drama school learning a range of dance and was an “All England” Competition Winner.  After leaving school I ventured into the competitive world of professional theatre.

Have you been teaching long?

I moved into teaching and choreography after I’d raised my children and can’t believe I’ve now done so for thirty years; including for the last six years teaching adult dance and fitness classes in Chester.

What’s involved in teaching dance and exercise?

I aim to assist clients to achieve an improved level of strength, flexibility and improved posture.

We start with exercises and then move on to the choreographed, creative dance element which challenges both the body and the brain. In addition, I pass on to my clients my love of dance, music, creative arts and the joy and wellbeing these can bring into our lives.

What’s your unique approach?

Firstly, to make people feel welcome as part of a team and then to nurture a ‘can do’ approach.

One of my mottos is ‘you have to get it wrong before you get it right.’

Making people feel comfortable about getting something wrong, is often key to them getting it right!

I encourage people to do their best and challenge themselves, rather than be in competition with others.

I inspire people to work together and help each other and I actively encourage and value their input.

The rewards are great for all concerned!

 We’re interested in your Dance Fitness Class – is it suitable for everyone?

Practising at the Jazz Dance Stretch and Tone ClassClients for all my classes come from diverse backgrounds:

Those who have danced in the past, (sometimes the distant past), those who always wanted to learn, dance teachers, school teachers, midwives, hairdressers…people from all walks of life (who may never have otherwise met each other) come together with a like mind.

My classes overall attract a wide age range from eight to eighty, mainly female, but sometimes male. There is historically a shortage of partners is the dance world!

I recommend some dance experience is preferable for the Beehive’s Jazz Dance Stretch and Tone Class.

Prior to your first class I will have a confidential discussion with you to understand your interest and experience,  health conditions and any movement restrictions. I can then advise you if the class is suitable for you and will also be able to make any adjustments for you during class.

Apart from my Dance Fitness classes, I have become increasingly interested in the role that music, song, dance and movement have to play in enriching the lives of people with dementia. I have seen the positive effects first hand.

If a person in the early stages of dementia is interested in coming to you, what is the first step?

I think an important start point is an initial 1.1 discussion (with a friend if required), to understand whether someone has had a passion or interest in a particular area such as music, singing, dancing from an earlier period in life, which acts as a trigger for memories which may have brought joy, positivity and enrichment.

From here, we can explore those pleasurable experiences and relive them in the present through the appropriate activities.  I was always fascinated by my Mum relating interesting, happy stories from dancing the past in vivid detail, with great pleasure, whilst being unable to recall what we’d had for tea that day!

If you’re think my class is for you, or would like to know about my Dementia service please give me a ring on 0786 659 1110 or contact Beehive Healthcare using the details below.

 Her class say:

“Noella teachers tap, ballet and jazz and I would describe the classes as fitness, fun and friendship.  We keep fit by dancing; have fun while we are doing it, in the company of nice people.

The classes are of mixed ability and the challenge is to improve your own performance rather than beat someone else.

We also meet up and go to the theatre and have meals out.  What’s not to like?”

“Not only does your body get a thorough workout at all of Noella’ s very friendly and enjoyable classes, but your mind is kept active as well with her brilliant choreography.”
Lesley H