Top Tips for Health Summer Feet

1 - Nails

Keep your toe nails trimmed. Follow the shape of the toe and DON’T cut down the sides of the nail.

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If the nails are thickened, you can gently file the surface of the nail to reduce the thickness and if the nail is flaky you can always apply clear varnish to help bind the nail.

2 - Hard and dry skin

Dry skin is very common during the summer months, there are many causes for this but the main one is dehydration. This occurs predominantly around the heel area, especially when wearing open back footwear such as sandals and flip flops. If this is left untreated it can cause the skin to crack and split (fissures), which can then deepen into the dermis layer of the skin and cause infections by bacteria.

To combat this, simply use a foot file and gently file away the dry skin before you bathe, then apply a nourishing moisturiser, ideally with at least 10% urea content.

Keep hard skin (callous) to a minimum, again use a foot file or pumice stone and apply the moisturiser last thing at night to allow the cream to be absorbed during the night. Your Podiatrist or Chiropodist can remove callous (debridement) with a scalpel which is painless, gaining a nice smooth finish for that perfect summer look.


3 - Blisters

Problems with blisters can occur during the summer months due to wearing unstable foot wear such as flipflops and also wearing foot wear without socks.

Blisters are caused by rubbing or friction between the skin and a hard surface, or toes rubbing together. They can be exacerbated by sweat and moisture on the skin.

To combat this problem, make sure you wash and dry your feet regularly making sure you dry properly between your toes, if you have excessive moisture between the toes you can dab the area with surgical spirit using cotton wool, this will help to keep the moisture at bay.

If you do get a blister, don’t pop or burst it but just cover with a plaster and try to remove the pressure.



4 - Foot Infections

Fungal infections such as athlete’s foot are common as is verruca, especially for those of us using communal changing areas such as swimming pools and Gymnasiums. Although these minor infections are not serious or dangerous they can be irritating. Try not to wander around public changing areas bare foot, wear flip flops or sandals to protect the feet and if you do pick up an infection there are over the counter topical treatments such as powders and acids. Your local Chiropodist can treat and give advice on foot infections.

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5  -  Sun Lotion

When sun bathing remember to use plenty of protective sun lotion on any exposed skin, this includes your feet.

sun lotion is important on the soles of your feetIt is very common for people to forget to protect their feet from sun burn but it is just as important as any other part of the body.


The soles of your feet can get burnt!

Use the cream both on the tops of the feet and also on the soles of the feet, especially when you are sun bathing whilst lying flat as the soles are then exposed to the sun.




Follow these tips for  a fun, healthy and pain free summer.


If you do have any problems with your feet Lynsey McCabe provides foot care services here at Beehive Healthcare