Our professionals have been busy creating videos to allow us to access services online. Have a browse of the range of videos they have available and maybe you will find something that can help you during this period. Enjoy!


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Art of Growth
Bodywork Pilates
Dr Fairoz Fayaz
Inspire & Rewire
Noella Grace

Sandra Leyland Williams

Dr Fairoz Fayaz - Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor

Knowing your Numbers

- tips on understanding the main measurements you may have had done and how they relate to health

1 - Introduction

3 - HbA1c

5 - Cholesterol:HDL Ratio

2 - Blood Pressure

4 - BMI

Art of Growth - Tai Chi / Qigong

Bodywork Pilates - Pilates, Yoga, Falls prevention, Rehabilitative Exercise

Inspire & Rewire - Yoga, Meditation, Anxiety Tips /Monthly Mindfulness & Singalong

Noella Grace Dance & Choreography

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