How are you feeling?

Do you feel that you need counselling to:

unravel what is going on in your mind

understand your emotional issuess

to enable you to overcome your problems and

to enable you to move forward in your life

Julie Flower  has a passion for helping people understand themselves, the way they think, behave and feel and her approach may be just what you need.

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How can Julie help me?

Julie can help you :

find out who you really are

what you really want

what has held you back

so you can then move on to create the life you desire.


What is counselling for?

Many people think counselling is only for major traumas, that is not always true, sometimes life can be overwhelming,

sometimes you may not understand why, you just may need someone to talk to who has no involvement in your life.

Julie specialises in stress, mild depression, anxiety, low self esteem and confidence.

What happens in a counselling session?

It is  a safe, confidential, non judgemental space to explore your issues.

A counselling session is a time just for you

giving you the space and time to talk about your concerns

and reach a deeper understanding of yourself

with a trained professional.

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Your First Step

Julie understands taking the first step to see a counsellor is sometimes frightening and says:

“The first step is a free 20 minute telephone consultation as this gives us a chance to have a chat about your issues and for you to decide if Iam the right person to help you.

I listen to you and we decide on the best way to work”

To arrange your free 20 minute phone consultation

call 01244 915603 or email me

For a 10% discount on your first appointment please quote December10 when you contact me

“It was easy to relax and be myself with Julie this enabled me to access some deep inner emotions I had buried for years, what a relief I feel like a different person”
“After just a few sessions with Julie I felt empowered with tools to manage my life and moods much more effectively”
“Julie is a great listener, doesn’t judge you, and wants the very best outcome for you as a client. Her service is friendly and effective.”
“I instantly felt at ease with Julie, she has helped me view things in a very different light. She completely changed my life; going to see Julie has been the best thing I have ever done.”
“Julie helped me make sense of a really difficult situation which enabled me to take back control of my life.”
“I highly recommend Julie, she helped me take back control of my life”
“Julie helped me understand the root cause of my addiction , I haven’t drank now for 12 months”
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