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Hi, I'm Emma Halewood and I'm the founder of Vitalize, we offer simple and effective solutions to common health issues, creating a true wellness in a holistic way mind, body and soul.

Through personal experience, research and extensive training in Energy Healing and Holistic Healthcare, I have discovered the keys that unlock the link between mind, body and soul, and how to work with this to create optimum wellbeing through small lifestyle changes and self-care practices. My approach incorporates addressing self-care through a self-management lens addressing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects together holistically. I work with mindset, emotional and mental health, the body’s energy system, foods & nutrition, physical exercise, and a combination of body balancing therapies such as Reiki, coaching and energy clearing as well as teaching clients empowering methods of self-care they can use for their health management for the rest of their lives.

I have been exploring alternative healthcare most of my life and continue my learning daily. Currently completing a 2 year diploma in Crystal Therapy, and have spent the past few years specialising in emotional disorders (including stress, anxiety and depression) and cutting edge trauma therapy techniques.


My qualifications

My background is in Corporate Finance Risk, Governance and HR, and I received my Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours in 2011 and have over 20 years experience living and working in the high pressure Corporate world. Always having had a passion for health, personal development and learning, I decided to follow my lifelong interest in alternative healthcare and started formally training in 2014 as a Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, among other things. I have a particular interest in plant-based raw food nutrition and its link to preventive healthcare and self-healing and mental health.

My personal mission is to bring health, happiness and confidence to people through teaching you how to embark on your own path of healing, learning and personal development, and empowering you to take this throughout your life and make conscious choices and life decision that are right for you.

Based at Beehive Healthcare in Chester,  Vitalize offers a wide range of holistic treatments and classes to support all your wellness goals:


My Services

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a natural healthcare system that activates the Chakras and Human Energy Field. It’s a powerful energetic approach, coaching people to live Healthy, Happy and Successful lives.

We are so bombarded these days with conflicting information about what is good for us, what is bad (and mostly what is trending!) it can be really confusing to know what to do and who to listen to and unfortunately effective tools and techniques are either misrepresented or swept away in the latest “wellness trend”.

Physical and mental/emotional health issues are rarely addressed by reviewing and adapting lifestyle choices, many people do not know how profound the connection between physical and mental/emotional health really is, and spiritual health rarely gets a look in. It’s all equally important!

Wellness Coaching encompasses 4 modalities:

Energy Exercise

Re-energise your body - Specific yoga postures and energy exercises designed to develop physical health, increase body awareness and enhance the flow of energy.

Energy Balance

Relax and calm - Alignment techniques that instantly affect the nervous system inducing deep relaxation and meditation. This balances emotion and promotes energy flow.

Energy Foods

Re-vitalize your system - The subtle energetics of food, detoxification and nutritional health are thoroughly explored with the aim of managing energy and restoring health.

Energy Psychology

Release stress and free the mind - Positive psychology, thought power, mind processes and quantum dynamics are all taught, enabling people to make deep and lasting change.

Wellness Coaching begins with an initial intake session lasting 90 minutes, during which we establish your goals and identify the tools and techniques that will be most effective in helping you achieve them. We recommend weekly / fortnightly follow up sessions lasting 60 minutes during which we will work together to move your forward with your goals, health, wellness and happiness.

1 - 2 - 1 Yoga

Yoga is a powerful way to restore balance and integrate mind, body and soul, and lead you to your own optimum health, self reliance, presence and awareness.

The benefits of yoga are well documented and far reaching, and can include...
  • Mentally and emotionally stabilising (good for stress, anxiety and depression)
  • Physical strengthening and flexibility
  • Spiritually therapeutic (regardless of religious views)
  • Support recovery from injury
  • Counteract unhealthy lifestyle habits (e.g sitting at a desk all day)

Why Get Personal Instruction?

Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one so personal yoga instruction is the perfect learning environment. Emma can help you with posture alignment, modifications and with developing a balanced home practice. Since we're all blessed with unique skeletons and body structures, a pose that benefits one person might cause discomfort and harm to another. Emma can work closely with you to create a bespoke and tailor-made practice that meets your needs in a safe and enjoyable way. You'll have the opportunity to truly focus on your own practice and tune in to your body, and what it needs.

Beginners Yoga

The Crystal Yoga Class

We will be practicing gentle Hatha Yoga in an environment that has been cleansed and charged with the healing energy of crystals!

If you’re looking for effective ways to improve your health, recover from illness, reduce stress and anxiety, increase relaxation and improve your mood then this class is for you!

Every week we will focus on a different intention, practicing the corresponding yoga postures, breathing techniques and specifically chosen crystals appropriate for each class.



Reiki (霊‘Rei’ : Universal Life, 気 ‘Ki’ : Energy) is a Japanese technique which uses life force energy to unblock, restore and balance your Chakra energy centres.

Reiki promotes peace and calm within your physical, mental and emotional energy fields and gives you more energy so that you are able to restore your body’s natural healing abilities.

Techniques such as Yoga, T’ai Chi and Acupuncture are all based on the fundamental concept that free-flow of energy is vital to wellbeing and many cultures have different names for this energy; “Ki” in Japan, “Qi” or “Chi” in China, “Prana” in India and “Pneuma” in ancient Greece.

Reiki can enhance everyday living and regular sessions will help to promote development of a healthy, happy and harmonious state of being.

A standard Reiki session will take 45 minutes during which you will be asked to lie on a treatment table whilst we work with the main energy centres by using gentle hand placement from head to toe. We recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing as this will help you feel more relaxed and get the most out of the session.

If you are new to Reiki or if you are particularly low on energy, have specific emotional issues or need support during a stressful period, we recommend an initial course of daily Reiki treatments for a consecutive seven days. See our Prices page for details of treatment packages.

Sessions will be carried out by Emma, who is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner and trained in the direct lineage of Japanese Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui, the original Reiki Grandmaster.

Remote healing treatments are also available.


Raw Food Nutrition Consultation

Our bodies are resilient and put up with the stresses and strains modern living demands of them, yet gradually, the cracks begin to appear... Niggling symptoms that we tend to ignore begin to surface; we may begin to gain a little weight, have the odd headache or just begin to feel tired a lot of the time. If these symptoms are left untreated a state of ill-health begins to develop.

The body has an amazing way to heal itself with nutrition.

Raw Food Nutrition Consultations will give you the knowledge and tools to understand how your diet is impacting on your health mind, body and soul.

Raw, plant based whole foods, in their natural state, are foods that have not been heated above 48' centigrade, and consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, beans, legumes (completely vegan).

Raw Foods and can prevent and in some cases reverse disease. A predominantly raw food diet will alkalise the body (many diseases require an acidic environment to exist), will ease the digestive system, and allow the body to heal itself (as it is designed to do) whilst providing maximum nutrition.

Emma’s passion for food and the healing effects it has on the mind, body and soul are what originally led her to start Vitalize and qualify in the field of holistic healthcare. The “normal” modern western lifestyle can have horrible effects on the body. Processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugars and chemicals are part of most people’s everyday diet and unfortunately the side effects are becoming normal as well.

Emma believes in adopting a nutritionally beneficial and sustainable way of eating rather than “dieting”. Emma will evaluate the root cause of any problems and not just symptoms. The ‘whole person’ is cared for holistically, tailoring a diet that is best suited to you.


How to book?

I have discounted packages available for block bookings for all services, so check my website http://www.vitalizeholistics.co.uk  for details, and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VitalizeChester/  for the latest special offers.

I would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or if want to book an appointment, either email or call me directly. Or book in next time your visiting Beehive!

If you would like to book onto The Crystal Yoga Class, please use the following link:

To book appointments for Reiki, Wellness Coaching, 1-2-1 Yoga, Card Readings, Raw Food Consultations and Crystal Therapy, please get in touch via email, phone or Facebook:

- Email: emma.halewood@icloud.com
- Call: 07851 066 493
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VitalizeChester


You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn or look on my Website


It's time to achieve your goals and lead a healthy, happy and balanced life
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