Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson chester tongue tieMy name is Jenny Johnson, I qualified as a midwife in 2006 and have worked as a practicing midwife since.  I am qualified to Masters level in Tongue Tie and Division.

After my sons were born with tongue-ties, I was surprised at the lack of knowledge amongst health professionals on this condition. I therefore, decide to undertake a masters level course on tongue-tie and tongue-tie division.

I studied at the University of Wolverhampton, which is currently the only university accredited course in the county to do this.

I sincerely believe that it is extremely important to provide a holistic service to babies who have a tongue tie. Simply cutting the tie and leaving without a support system is much less effective than dividing a tie and following this up with lactation support, which will logically improve the success of the procedure. For this reason I have teamed up with Amanda Brooks IBCLC who not only supports the baby’s head during the procedure but assesses the baby’s feeding effectiveness before and after the procedure offering help and support wherever possible. Together we aim to deliver the highest standard of care to ensure the maximum effectiveness of every tongue-tie division procedure that we undertake.

In line with all legal requirements, I am registered with the CQC to perform tongue-tie divisions and fully engage with their standards and expectations for patient care. I am insured and registered with the association of tongue tie practitioners (ATTP). Additionally I am a fully registered and practicing midwife with the NMC.

NMC Registration: Jennifer Bright

For more information about Jennifer please see the Cheshire Infant Feeding and Baby Support website.

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