Kim Crowe

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Kim Crowe, Registered Midwife for 19 years has joined the team at Beehive Healthcare with the launch of Antenatal and Parent Education sessions. Classes to be monthly on Saturdays or Sundays.

Teaching The Real Birth Company Workshops and KG Hypnobirthing sessions to expectant families to be, both courses being promoted by the Royal College of Midwives and FEDANT registered.

I realised that the answer to positive birth lay in good quality antenatal education to understand what happens during birth, how we can best prepare and things that we can do to help. As a mother and a midwife, I personally used hypnobirthing to help me during my very positive birth, and as a midwife I have supported many families with the wonderful techniques since.  I recognise that not everyone wishes to commit to hypnobirthing, and access to antenatal education is limited, So I looked to newer models of teaching available in the UK with FEDANT and RCM accreditation, and learnt about the Real Birth Company designed by wonderful Midwife Zoe Wright. Zoe has my admiration and respect for creating such a wonderful course that answered my inner midwifery curiosities and channels my keenness to empower woman and their birth partners with confidence, knowledge and belief in birth.

Confident Birth Chester is about quality antenatal and parent education, offering both the Real Birth Workshop and Hypnobirthing as an alternative to each other to suit the needs of the parents to be in the Chester and North Wales area.

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