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Lynsey McCabe - Reflexology and Foot Care Services at Beehive HealthcareI am Lynsey McCabe BSc, Dip and MFHT and I am a qualified Practitioner of Holistic Therapies: Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage and I'm passionate about their therapeutic value, effects & benefits.  In particular, massage for the relief of chronic back pain.  Health and wellbeing is both of personal & professional interest to me & with my personal life experiences, education, work experience & as a professional, I have developed a wealth of knowledge to share.

Since gaining my degree in Complementary Medicine in 2012, I have practiced Holistic Therapies & been continually pro active about my personal & professional development such as gaining further relevant training & keeping myself up to date with current research about Holistic Therapies.  In my practice since, I have attended many Pamper, Health & Wellbeing / Mind, Body, Spirit Events and have met an extensive network of like minded Beauty, fitness, well being & health related professionals which is great for informative & educational conversations, sharing ideas, experiences and news of professional interest as well as a great day out for the public.  Look out for my news of forthcoming events.  I have recently presented on the subject of using massage and aromatherapy to support people with fibromyalgia.

In 2009 I qualified in Beauty Therapies & also have an Anatomy & Physiology Diploma which helps my understanding of health conditions & how my Therapies may be of benefit.  I can also relate to the need to look good on the outside while also feeling good on the inside.

I completed a Foot Healthcare Diploma in 2017 as I consider that feet are only too often neglected due to busy lifestyles & perhaps the inability to reach one’s own feet.  To emphasise the significance of feet, they carry our weight all our lives’ and for many miles of walking.  In the theory of Reflexology, the feet reveal & reflect our health & in the structure of the foot is a map of reflex zones that relate to specific organs & systems within the body & when stimulated, promotes the body‘s natural healing mechanisms.  I am now very pleased to practice foot healthcare on a weekly basis, providing Reflexology, Pedicure & Nail cutting.

I continually look to improve the range of services I can provide to clients and in early 2018 I travelled to Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand to train and qualify in Thai Massage, I am now pleased to offer Thai full body massage, or Thai leg and feet massage which is both soothing and invigorating.

I think of my massage services as 'A Healing and Performing Art', and would be delighted to talk through with you any questions regarding the services that I provide.


Lynsey McCabe foot health
Lynsey McCabe providing foot care services


Foot Health Pedicures


Holistic Treatments

Whatever treatment you have you can be assured that advice, recommendations, a listening ear, respect, confidentiality & equality are assured.

If you'd like to know more about Lynsey's work check out our "Therapist in Focus" blog from a while back.


Service: Reflexology

Lynsey was kind and made sure I was comfortable and at ease.  She suggested that I could talk if I wanted or just relax and sleep.  This put me further at ease as I could switch off and relax.  The pressure applied was just right and I will be interested to see if it helps to bring on labour!?!?!

Many thanks, Becky Knox

Service: MediPedi

health and wellbeing centre | Chester | aromatherapy

Lynsey was very good with my treatment, my feet feel nicely refreshed and feel nicely relaxed and Lynsey was very good at listening too, through the treatment.  I will definitely go back.  It was good to have someone give my feet the care they deserve, as a wheelchair user treating my own feet is not possible.  Thankyou Lynsey.


Services: Reflexology

"Excellent reflexology experience today. Still walking on air and arm pain mysteriously disappeared! Well done."


Services: BrightLife Event
It was great to see you in action and made us think how important touch is to those who are lonely or on their own. It was a very powerful activity and we're so grateful for your support each year.
Please do stay in touch with us (and Storyhouse) and we'll help you promote your fantastic work wherever we can.

Services: Thai Massage - Full Body
I arrived for the appointment feeling tense and stiff.  Lynsey explained what she was doing at each stage and the effect on my muscles was instantaneous.  I didn't realise how much flexibility could be achieved in one session.  At the end I felt relaxed and in less pain

Services:  Eyelash tinting, Supreme Bliss Massage
Lynsey firstly gave me eyelash tinting, which was excellent - and I was so comfortable with her easy, friendly, yet professional manner that I booked a massage package with her, the first I have ever had. I found it totally relaxing and loved the aromatherapy which smelt divine. I am really looking forward to more pampering. I appreciated Lynsey's care to use oils which do not contain wheat as I have coeliac disease, and she is knowledgeable about her therapies. I enjoy my time with her.

Service: Reflexology
Lynsey is a fantastic, polite young lady and my feet feel fantastic

Service: Medi-Pedi

Service: Reflexology
Excellent, very relaxing good session

Service: Supreme Bliss Massage
My experience was of peace and care and I leave feeling invigorated and looking forward to my next time

Service: Medi-Pedi
Very good - great progress on the feet




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