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Hi I'm Monika Frackowiak and I’m passionate about health and well-being and benefits of complementary therapies on peoples’ life. I’m a strategy coach and a holistic therapist.

Strategy Coaching in Chester at Beehive HealthcareStrategy Coaching


I provide a safe environment for you to explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts and will act as a sounding board for you to be able to do this.

My strategy coaching will allow me to create the most suitable bespoke strategies for to deal with anything you may be facing right now and in the future.

Below are all the therapeutic services I offer at Beehive Healthcare, Chester.

Holistic Therapies

with a bachelor degree in Complementary Therapies for Health Care working in the business called Monya Holistic Therapies for 7 years. I offer wide range of complementary treatments from relaxing, anti-anxiety reflexology sessions by bringing emotional and physiological balance, to myofascial release.

I’m equipped in strategies allowing me to design personalised sessions treating conditions such as sciatica, bursitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, rotator cuff and other musculoskeletal strains and injuries with symptoms experienced for years.

I help to create a complementary and holistic environment allowing natural healing processes to take place in our bodies often using therapeutic aromatherapy oils. I continually study focusing on my own personal development - gaining additional qualifications allows me to grow personally and be able to offer variety or combination of techniques.

Inspired by holism and wonders of Mother Nature I make organic beeswax and soy candles using therapeutic essential oils for you to create and have your own aromatherapy space in your own time.

Specialist complementary treatments

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Bespoke holistic mind-body-soul treatments

To provide comfort and balance between mind, body and your soul.

This treatment includes a mix of aromatherapy blends with: reflexology or massage; mindfulness reflexology or/and massage and guided meditation; hot stones, indian head massage, facial cold stone.

Bespoke therapeutic bodywork treatments

These sessions provide swift recovery from injuries, prevent developing injuries, reduce pain and discomfort from work and during pregnancy.

This treatment includes massages: sports, deep tissue pregnancy, with other therapies: Trigger Point Therapy (TrPT), Muscle Energy Release Techniques (METs) and kinesiotherapy.

Detoxifying treatments

These sessions help to eliminate toxins from your body, helping you to have firm and smooth skin.

They combine deep tissue massage with traditional Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and aromatherapy.

Immune system boosting treatments

These sessions are helpful for people to reduce their pain and discomfort levels; supporting their physical body to re-build an immune system after treatments such as chemotherapy or other intensive interventions; providing mental and emotional comfort.

This treatment combines reflexology or massage with guided meditation and aromatherapy

Monya Frackowiak Massage Therapist



The Therapeutic components of my treatments

These are a manual intervention which  begins from postural assessment and consultation which both helps to determine which technique is going to be used in order to remove symptoms and effects of repetitive strains and sport injuries.

Therapeutic strategies and techniques include:

  • Kinesiotaping – use of specialised tape to reduce pain and inflammation from muscles by removing lymph, and preventing from its gathering in-between muscle fibres, allowing the concerned area to heal in its natural pace. Increases mobility of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – locates and removes trigger points which cause stiffness and weakness of the affected area restricting the muscle’s full range of movement. TPT reduces and removes pain and inflammation and increases mobility of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Muscle Energy Release Technique – manipulative treatment based on active muscular effort from a controlled position in a specific direction; improves and normalise joint range and muscle flexibility allowing local circulation.
  • Hot Stone massage – a therapy where basalt (lava) stones are being extensions of the therapist’s hands. Increases metabolism and circulation, and strengthens blood vessels. Benefits of HST are loose and flexible muscles, when heat pleasantly creates warmth through the body and calmness through the soul. Promotes high value in relaxation and increased overall well-being.
  • Swedish massage – soft tissue manipulation using: effleurage, kneading, friction, stretching, and tapping. SM releases tension and gradually breaks up muscle "knots”, reduces pain and stress.
  • mindfulness-massage - A combination of Massage and Muscle Energy Release techniques with guided meditation; creates deep relaxation by balancing the body, mind and releases stress from the physical body.  This allows the body to instantly enter a natural healing space and recovery, especially required in cases of stress related symptoms and conditions such as IBS, insomnia, psoriasis, and even panic attacks.
  • Reflexology – zone or reflex therapy performed on the client’s feet. Relieves stress, tension and pain in other parts of the body through the manipulation of the reflexes on client’s feet.
  • Mindfulness-reflexology – Reflexology with guided meditation; creates deep relaxation by balancing the body, mind and emotions. This results in the body entering a natural healing process and strong recovery especially beneficial in cases of insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and terminal illnesses and alongside its traditional terminal treatments.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage – gentle yet powerful treatments based on long and short strokes over the and nodes and surrounding lymphatic system; speeds up recovery, detoxifies body and supports weight loss, cancer treatments, helps with some effects of pregnancy (swollen ankles, back and legs pain).
  • Pregnancy massage – Swedish massage with a special care for the mum and the baby. During this miraculous time, massage can reduce anxiety, decrease back and legs pain, improve sleep patterns and mood.
  • Indian Head Massage - relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. IHM has become a popular component of combined treatments or rituals, including massage and facials

Recommend a friend or family member for one of my treatments and you will both receive a £5 discount from the cost of a single treatment.  Just let me know the name of the person you are recommending.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in combination with carrier oils for therapeutic effect. Each Essential Oil and Carrier Oil offers different therapeutic properties and characteristics. Aroma applications: dermal administration - massage, compress, inhalation, in a bath, after shower, scented pillow, candle.

My Qualifications

Strategy Coaching

Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Emperor Training Solutions

NLP Master Coach - Emperor Training Solutions

Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner - Emperor Training Solutions

Hypnosis Master Practitioner - Emperor Training Solutions


BSc(hons) in Complementary Therapies for Healthcare - Glyndwr University

Post Graduate Certificate in Education - Glyndwr University

Certificate Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth - Federation of Holistic Therapists

Certificate in Massage in Pregnancy- Federation of Holistic Therapists

Certificate in Safety when working with pregnant women - Federation of Holistic Therapists

Certificate in Helping your Client manage their neck pain - Federation of Holistic Therapists

Certificate in Hypnoreflexology - Federation of Holistic Therapists

Tui Na Massage - SportsacupunctureUK

Benefits of Massage & Reflexology for Children & Young People - Federation of Holistic Therapists


Cost of my treatments can be found on the price list page


Monika's beeswax and soy candles

Aromatherapy Candles - when you come to Beehive you will be able to see the aromatherapy beeswax and soy candles in their unique containers which I have created.


Service: Bespoke Therapeutic Programme

There has been a vast improvement in the mobility to my shoulders, arms, back and neck.  My posture has improved, I am more upright when walking and able to get out of the car more easily.  Some of these problems I have had for 40 years.

I am 100% happy, the results are fantastic.

Alan Hawksworth


Service: Bespoke pain and injury treatment

I went to see Monika some time ago with very bad neck pain and trigger points in my upper back. After just one session I was unbelievably relieved and relaxed – bespoke therapeutic massage was phenomenal. And advice I received from Monika about health and well-being were perfect addition to the amazing atmosphere during the session.

I recommend Monika’s services to anyone.

Monika Z.

Service: Bespoke pain and injury treatment programme

“I am very pleased with the effects of Monika’s work! She is professional and kind massage therapist. After the series of 3 sessions there is no sign of the injury. Highly recommend!”

Monika B.

Service: Pregnancy massage - elimination of sciatic pain and piriformis syndrome

"Monika is a professional, kind, full of energy person, with the right approach towards clients. She has a great experience and knowledge. Her massages and exercises I was to perform in my own time, successfully helped me to eliminate sciatica. Thank you, or rather me and my baby are thanking you”

Aneta B.

Service: Aromatherapy infused crystals bracelet

“I ordered a personalised bracelet from Monika and it is beautiful. The aromatherapy beads smell amazing and very calming. I will be ordering again soon! Thank you so much x”

Hellen G.

Service: METs and Kinesiotaping

Fantastic, warm, knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend and will return in the future


Service:  METS and Kinesiotaping

"Pain after treatment:  was much improved after shoulder / neck taping

Tension: Much more relaxed after massage"

Brian W.

Service: METs and Aromatherapy
"Extremely relaxing and effective, I wish I had come sooner.  Monika has really helped me regain more use of my arm following reconstruction surgery.

Service: Aromatherapy and personalised products:
“I have been using your nourishing potion and it's amazing. It goes on easy and the smell is good. Help me on cold sore and dry skin I saw results after 1day/night. You are star. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.”
Kamila K-N

Service: Aromatherapy Massage

"Thank you very much for an hour of relaxation, it was superb and I can’t wait until our next session. Highly recommend *****”
Kasia C.

Service: Reflexology

“Reflexology is so relaxing, feels like feet poetry.”
Przemek M.

"I use Monya’s complementary services for over 2 years and every time I’m more pleased: professional approach and the way Monya explains the mechanics of human body helps to understand what can cause the pain. Aromatherapy with massage or hot stones is so very much relaxing while Muscle Energy Release Techniques with Swedish massage or kinesiotherapy are very therapeutic – always works wonders and every concern I came to Monya with was quickly resolved. Thank you Monya and good luck.”
Cezary M.

“Monika is an amazing Therapist and Practitioner and her candles are fantastic and very unique, highly recommend.”
Claire H.

"Monya you are the best and Irreplaceable”
Justyna S.

"Wonderful therapist.”
Monika M.

"I’m wonderfully relaxed. Monya thank you so much for marvellous massage.  I recommend Monya to everyone and I will be coming back to see Monya on regular
Monika C.

“Excellent service, highly recommended!!! Thanks Monya I'll be back soon, defo!”
Marcin K.

“So.... This morning I visited Monika Frąckowiak and tried Reflexology with aromatherapy for the first time 🙂 I found it very relaxing and it eased my pain too! I would highly advise anyone with pain or any chronic illnesses to visit her 🙂 She also does a lot of other treatments to help different illnesses and injuries 🙂 or even if you want a relaxing massage she can do that too! Very professional 😀 I am also very impressed! I would highly recommend her to everyone 😀 xx”
Jade J-H.

“Professional massage, help with sciatica. I highly recommend.”
Beata W.

“An amazing aromatherapy treatment received from the fantastic Monika, she blended her essential oils which smelt divine! to provide me with an excellent treatment, removing my long held tension and stress in my back, shoulders and neck, wow!!! what a change afterwards, a lovely, knowledgeable lady who could help any ailment I feel!! many thanks Monika!!
Michelle J.

"I’ve used Monya’s services in many different concerns, starting of reflexology with aromatherapy to treat sinusitis and finishing of relaxing massage to get rid of anxiety. I’m very impressed. Thank you for multiple help and I recommend Monya’s services toeveryone.”
Agata W.

“The best masseur in the world!!! So professional and charming to top it up.”
Agata I.

"Superb proffesional, relaxing and easing achy muscle treatments! Mega ”
Lukasz T.

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