Sandra Leyland-Williams

Sandra Leyland-Williams Specialist in Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage, Pain Relieving Massage and Swedish Massage

Hi I’m Sandra, an holistic therapist striving for a perfectly natural life in an imperfect world. Moving to Wales 10 years ago (unknowingly at the time, back to my roots) has allowed me to have a wonderful connection with nature and live according to my most dearly held values.

I am a compassionate and sensitive person who wants to share my love of life and health with every client I meet. Whilst I’m very down to earth and practical, I believe that the changes I help clients make should be done in the most fun way possible and I’m absolutely here to show you that healthy food can be every bit as tasty, or even more delicious, than any junk food you are craving right now.

I began my study of nutrition after being told that I had IBS, food allergies and chemical sensitivity. When my doctor told me that there wasn’t much he could do for me, I was determined to find a cure of my own and began a journey of discovery and learning which led me to become qualified as a nutritional therapist in 1999.

I very much believe that responsibility for our health lies in our own hands and prevention is better that cure, but when a cure is needed that there is so much more we can do than we are led to believe. Information available about health and nutrition is often confusing, sometimes conflicting and often used for sensational media stories. If you want to be healthy the main requirement is that you actually WANT to be, and are prepared to be open to possibilities.


  • improve health and nutrition
  • discover tasty, healthy food
  • help with allergies and IBS
  • benefit from holistic therapies



I provide nutritional therapy sessions and  runs courses and events  such as "Adventures in Raw" and "Healthy DessertsWorkshops".  You can find more information on my website


In 2007 I trained in massage and aromatherapy, both of which have many of their own therapeutic benefits as well as being a fabulous treat as you make the transformation to a healthier life.

I'm therefore able to help you optimise your health in many ways as I provide both  Aromatherapy Massage, Pain relieving massage and Swedish Massage


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