Tino Faithfull

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Hi! I’m Tino Faithfull and I teach qigong, tai chi chuan  and meditation.

My school—art of growth—is based in the North West of England.

I run regular workshops in Manchester and Chester.

I have spent the last decade travelling, studying and teaching throughout Europe, Asia and America.

During that time, I immersed myself into the philosophy of Daoism so I could fully absorb this ancient tradition.



My life-long engagement with spirituality has given me a chance to develop an in-depth understanding of how awareness can be harnessed and used as a platform for growth.

Over the course of my life, I have studied several spiritual traditions, both ancient and modern. This ongoing study has allowed me to formulate the system I now teach.

Through the philosophical model of the four qualities, I offer a step-by-step method for awareness cultivation. In order to facilitate this process, I use a number of practices – including meditation, qigong and taijiquan also known as tai chi.


Art of Growth Tai Chi and Qi Gong Trainer Beehive Healthcare Chester

qAs a teacher, I’m interested in how practices such as Qigong, tai chi chuan or meditation can help us effect growth and bring more awareness into our lives.

I am pleased to be joining the Beehive Team and runs workshops here.  If you're interested in finding out more about qigong and tai chi please join me.


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