Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage Chester

Anti Celllulite Massage

This is designed to put great pressure by applying some components of deep tissue massage alternated with gentle Manual Lymphatic Drainage. The combination of these 2 massages is designed to support weight loss journey.  Based on squeezing and pinching the deposits of fat and toxins and than kneading the muscle, bulging deposits are removed from connective tissue.

Usually designed in combination with aromatherapy and essential oils supporting weight loss. The results may be visible in form of smooth, toned skin and healthy looking skin. This type of massage usually takes max of 30mins due to the amount of deep pressure on the affected area/s. What clients needs to know here it is a very deep pressure – for some people too deep depending on the discomfort threshold of each individual.

Monika Frackowiak  provides this treatment

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