Aromatherapy Consultation

What happens in an Aromatherapy Consultation?

During a 30mins long session your therapist Monika Frackowiak who is passionate about Aromatherapy will discuss any health concerns or medical condition and medications you are on to be able to create a unique blend precisely in accordance to the health and well-being of you. She will then blend an aromatherapy oil based on your personal situation.

What will I recieve?

You will receive:
-Print out or PDF how and when to use oils in a best way for certain concern;
-Alternatives of using aromatherapy blends;
– Alternative essential oils and/or carrier oils/blends that would be most appropriate for the client.

Monika will give you a free sample of the blend to take home and try.

aromatherapy oils in bottles

How does Monika incorporate Aromatherapy oils in her work?

Monika is also a masseur and uses aromatherapy oils in many of her massage treatments.

She also makes lovely quirky beeswax and soy candles which are infused with aromatherapy oils.  Next time you’re at the Beehive take a look at her products.

beeswax and soy aromatherapy candles


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