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Emotional Freedom Technique

This is one of the techniques our experienced counsellor, Julie Flower of Peaceful Minds, employs with her clients during her Counselling Sessions.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can release stuck emotions with a simple tapping technique. It is based on the traditional meridian points which have been used by acupuncturists for over 5000 years, but without the invasive use of needles. When using EFT we tune in to the problem or the feelings about the problem, whilst tapping on certain meridian points.

The theory is that when you have a negative event in your life causing a negative emotion, a blockage may occur in your meridian system. The blockage continues to produce the negative emotion whenever it's triggered so by tapping it out whilst focusing on the feelings, we can release the blockages - freeing us of the negative emotion.

How does it work?

Many thousands of years ago the Chinese discovered that a complex system of energy circuits which they called meridians, run through our bodies.  These are not visible to the eye in the same way that we cannot "see" electricity - but we know when we turn on a plug that electricity exists.  It's the same for the meridian energy flows. Many people have experienced profound changes in their emotional and physical health after using EFT, and for this reason Julie uses EFT when working with her clients.

How do I know if an EFT session is right for me?

If Julie Flower  works with you she will suggest an EFT session if she feels that it will be beneficial.  Alternatively, you can specifically book an EFT session with Julie.

Either way Julie always starts working with a client by having a 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and help you decide if she is the right therapist for you.  For this reason sessions with Julie cannot be booked using our online system.  If you feel Julie may be able to help you, give her a ring on 07757 698778 or email her at  flowerjulie1@gmail.com

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