Qi Gong for Growth Workshops with Tino Faithfull

qigong workshops with Tino Faithfull

Cultivating body and mind

Three day-long course where Tino Faithfull will introduce qigong and explain its function in the wider context of spiritual growth. If it is approached with the correct mindset, qigong can provide very efficient tools for the joint cultivation of body and mind.

Growth and the spiritual path

The systematic process of balancing body and mind provides an entry point onto the spiritual path. Qigong, in particular, can help us address some of our deep-rooted physical and psychological imbalances. Dealing with those imbalances allows for the creation of space on the level of mind. Space promotes stillness; and stillness gives us a platform for the cultivation of awareness. Beginners are welcome on this course! Tino Faithfull’s Qigong workshops run on the following Saturdays with a short lunch break:
  • 15th September 10.45 – 5.45
  • 13th October 10.45 – 5.45
  • 1st December 10.45 – 5.45
Please bring your lunch with you The cost is £50 for each workshop All sessions can be booked directly with Tino Faithfull Art of Growth Tai Chi and Qi Gong Trainer Beehive Healthcare Chester  

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