Functional Medicine

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My approach is based on current scientific research and the understanding that health is a very personal thing. As a fully trained physician of 20 years and GP for over 10, I will take an in depth history and perform an examination to identify factors that are affecting your health.

What is it and what can I expect?

People are different. One size doesn’t fit all. 21st Century  medicine recognises this. Just as our personalities are different so are the nuances of our biology. Our health is an interplay of our genes, our environment and our thoughts. My approach is to look at you as a whole and ask the question:

What is preventing your body from working at its best?

Once this question is answered then regaining health can begin.

What is it good for?

I Work With You to Create a Custom Plan & Healthy Habits.

My mission is to navigate through endless information until a solution can be discovered for your unique circumstance. Together we’ll work out a personally catered health plan that fits you and your lifestyle. Sometimes this involves prescribing medication to allow the body to do what it does best – heal itself.

Honest Results

Sometimes specific testing is required to see factors that have only recently been identified as important in maintaining health such as your gut microflora or identifying whether specific genes or enzymes in the body are expressed. I build upon work already done by you and your doctor to give you further insights to  where you could support your body into health.

My expertise is taking a complex problem and working out a step by step plan to help you regain your wellbeing. Sometimes, you will already know the answers but are not sure where and how to begin. My role is to help you navigate through the masses of information you have access to and advise on a wellness plan that fits your biology and unique life.

Which Therapists provide this service?

Dr Fairoz Fayaz MB Ch MRCP (1999) MRCGP (2006) AFMCP (2017) provides Personalised Functional Medicine Consultations at Beehive Healthcare.

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