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What it is and what I can expect?

Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.

It involves a massage to the head, face, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands that relieves tension in the muscles. It is a calming treatment but can be relaxing, stimulating and invigorating and some clients describe a pleasant tingling sensation.

It works on the areas of the body that are most affected by stress, however while the treatment is just on the upper part of the body it's effects are felt throughout the mind and body.

Over the centuries practitioners of alternative medicine have recognised the benefits of massage, particularly scalp massage to relieve tension and stress. In the West the traditional scalp massage used in India has evolved to become the Indian head massage.

What is is best for?

Indian head massage is great for easing tension in the upper back, neck and scalp, relieving migraines, headaches and sinusitis. It can also help improve sleep and provide relief from stress anxiety and tension.

Which therapists provide this service?

MingXing Lin

Lynsey McCabe


Not sure which massage is right for you?

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