Jazz Dance Stretch & Tone Class

What is a Jazz Dance Stretch & Tone Class?

Noella Grace's Jazz ClassThe class includes an initial range of exercises to prepare the body for the dance element and increase flexibility and strength, particularly focusing on posture, balance, control and the core.  It is advisable to bring a soft mat for this element, as there is a short floor work section.

The dance section of the class comprises modern dance moves, isolations, short sequences and ultimately creating fun and challenging routines, whilst achieving a fully body workout.

Noella Grace - Jazz Dance TeacherThe class is run by Noella Grace who is an experienced choreographer and exercise to music instructor

The class is presently enjoying working on a stylized piece – ‘All That Jazz’ from the musical ‘Chicago’.
The creative choreographer Bob Fosse, being one of Noella’s favourites!

Class Details

The jazz dance stretch & tone class is on a Thursday from 10.30 to 11.30 am.

Some former dance experience is advisable for this class.

Noella takes care to offer options for those with movement restrictions.  So, please advise Noella of any health issues to take into consideration.

Clothing and Footwear

Wear comfortable top and trousers or fitness wear.
Soft, flexible shoes without heels and non- marking soles, jazz or ballet shoes.

If you enjoy music and having fun – this could be the right fitness class for you!  Come along, have a dance and enjoy yourself!

To book on a session

Call Noella on  07866 591110
Or email:- noella884@gmail.com

Booking is essential due to limited numbers in the studio.
Classes are £6.00 pay as you go
Or block booking of 5 weeks @£28.00.


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