Menopause Wellbeing Service

What it is and what I can expect?

Menopause Wellbeing Service

Initial and Follow Up Consultations available for women focusing on all aspects of health around the menopause and beyond. These are provided by Dr Jane F. Wilkinson who is a General Practitioner who specialises in menopause care.

The Initial Menopause Care Consultation

At an initial consultation  your specific needs/aims from the session  and all aspects of the menopause, as you so wish (including hormone replacement therapy together with non-hormonal alternatives and local oestrogen therapy) will be discussed.

You will receive comprehensive advice regarding any preparations that are recommended including benefits versus risk discussion/advice.

Outcomes and actions of a Menopause Consultation

  • we will agree a personalised care plan, designed together, during the consultation.
  • your care plan may put forward recommendations for treatment, either via a letter to your General Practitioner, or as a private prescription, if you prefer.
  • you will receive advice on how to access help and advice after the consultation if required, plus on-line resources.
  • if you wish, a summary of the assessment and outcomes/recommendations will be forwarded to your General Practitioner.

Blood tests are available by referral if required (additional fees payable).



The Follow Up Menopause Care Consultation

At a follow up consultation there will be an assessment of how any treatments prescribed are helping, along with advice with regards to any side-effects or problems with treatment.

Including a review and update of your personalised care plan

Booking an appointment

Dr Jane F. Wilkinson takes her own bookings and these can be made by telephoning 07758 814012 or Email to Menopause Wellbeing Service

Further information can be found on Menopause Wellbeing website


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