Holistic Complementary Massage Treatments

Monika Frackowiak  massage treatment programmes are designed to ensure you get the most from your session with her.  The treatments are available singly or save by investing in a 3 session or 6 session package
Contact Monika if you have:
  • Repetitive sprains or other physical conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder or other musculoskeletal injuries?
  • Limited range of movements due to stiff muscles and fascia
  • Suffer from water retention
  • Have been through surgical fat or skin removal and need lymphatic system stimulation
  • You feel that your body needs an energy boost
  • You have been through an intensive medical intervention and need to build up your immune system
  • You have been through highly stressful events and find yourself still experiencing this stress in your physical body


Bespoke holistic mind-body-soul treatment

This treatment includes a mix of aromatherapy oils and reflexology and or massage; mindfulness reflexology and massage with aroma providing comfort and stress and pain reduction.

These sessions provide comfort and balance between mind, body and your soul

Aromatherapy Massage

Bespoke therapeutic bodywork treatment

This treatment includes
Massages: sports, deep tissue, pregnancy (available after the 1st trimester)
Therapies: Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Release Techniques (METs) and kinesiotherapy
These sessions provide swift recovery from injuries, prevent developing injuries, reduce pain and discomfort from work and during pregnancy

Anti Celllulite MassageDetoxifying treatment

Combining deep tissue massage with traditional Manual Lymphatic Drainage  and aromatherapy.
These sessions help to eliminate toxins from your body, helping you to have firm and smooth skin

Immune system boosing treatment

Reflexology or massage and guided meditation and aromatherapy
These sessions are helpful for people to reduce their pain and discomfort levels; supporting their physical body to re-build an immune system after treatments such as chemotherapy or other intensive interventions; providing mental and emotional comfort

All treatments are available as a single session or a package with a discount for choosing the package.  The discounts can be seen in the massage section of our price list


Not sure which to choose?  When you first meet with Monika she will explore the options with you to ensure that you receive the treatment best suited to improve your wellbeing


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