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These days we are all consumed by ‘noise’ - whether it’s environmental factors, work, home life or media of all kinds and our own thoughts. These monthly sessions allow that time-out and stillness to move beyond the choppy waves to the calmness underneath the surface.

Based on her background and training in mindfulness (see below), as well as her own experiences of anxiety, Nicola has come across various methods and practical techniques that she shares in her sessions that aid anxiety and stress relief, focusing on a different theme each month. You can join in the discussion or simply observe with no obligation. The session then finishes with a mindful meditation. Sessions are monthly on Saturday’s 11-12:30pm (£10) but if you can’t make a class there is an online version and video summary for just £5 (also available for back copies).

What are sessions like?

Everything during a session is confidential and no one's ever asked to share anything unless you would like to contribute.

The sessions give you a taster of a certain tool or technique which you can explore further at home or even deeper on a one to one with myself or another professional.

Some you will resonate with and others, not as much, it's all about trial and error and finding what suits you and when.

Past topics include:

1. Meditation styles and techniques
2. Pranayama (breathing techniques for different occasions)
3. Affirmations (listening to what you are saying to yourself and rephrasing)
4. EFT/ Tapping (Emotional Freedom techniques - the why's and the how's)
5. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practical conscious ways to shift perspective) 6. Self-Hypnosis

Find out more

Below is a video clip which is taken from one of the video session summaries which describes my sessions more.

Here is also a brief video that's taken from one of the monthly sample videos, it just underpins my approach to mindfulness.

 A bit about the facilitator

Nicola has 14 years behavioural and cultural experience, spending 8 years in the Middle East & Africa, with short stints in South Korea working for corporate companies. Her roles were directing and strategising as a key position in strengthening the Learning & Development globally with a focus on leadership development, coaching culture and emotional intelligence as well as leading transformational change projects.

Prior to her overseas career, Nicola worked in the UK with various organisation types such as government, non-profit, colleges and private training organisations.
Her experience with teenagers with challenging behavioural, social or learning barriers was where she developed her mentorship and passion in encouraging and motivating others.

Nicola received her BSc Hons bachelor degree in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications Bradford University, UK and continued her lifelong learning by obtaining the full PDS Scheme of the UK CIPD Masters. Exploring various other methodologies to further understand the link between mind, body and wellbeing, Nicola trained herself as an NLP coach, obtained a diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, and became certified as an ‘Insights’ Psychometric Profiler/ Coach/ Trainer.

In addition she is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. Nicola works with corporate groups and individuals from 1:1 to group retreats or workshops to unleash the power of a learning organisation through encouraging a collaborative and creative culture, driven by unique individual empowerment, self-leadership and shared values. And also works 1:1 with clients on a personal level to discover their empowerment and self-leadership. Nicola continues her cpd and her next adventure will be her Masters in Psychology.

Nicola's work

Nicola has been on maternity leave and having returned to work at the Beehive recently she is concentrating on running her mindfulness sessions and healing and restorative yoga class. She also works 1:1 with clients providing Hypnotherapy, Reiki and  Indian Head Massage and combinations of those methods to support clients looking to reduce the anxiety they experience in their lives.

Nicola is currently in the process of writing a short book/ workbook and a series of videos that will aid clients on their journey back to themselves. Her aim is to get your back to yourself, to regain your self-leadership minimising dependence on external support, while being there for you as long as you need.

To find out more about Nicola:

Look at samples of her sessions on you tube

Read her blogs on her website

Go to her facebook page to see all her events as well as testimonies and photos from previous retreats.

‘Inspire & Rewire’, bringing empowerment back to your own life and helping you find your own tools along your unique path.

Here is our list of Mindfulness Workshops for next year, including the dates and topics:

Our first 2 x sessions of the year will be provided by a guest speaker -  Elizabeth Guest a Progressive Counsellor from Forward and through who we are collaborating with for January & February's session.

25th January - Goodbye 2019...Hello, 2020!

29th February - How to Silence the Inner Critic

21st March - Getting to know yourself (Ayurvedic)

18th April - "Me" time and the complex emotions

9th May - Exploring different types of Therapies

11th July - Small Business Stress

22nd August - Summer Scorcher...Handling Heat and Hormones

5th September - Letting Go!

10th October - How to Slow Down

21st November - Immunity in winter (self-care)

12th December - A"Mindful" Festive Season


Information on all workshops are available here Monthly Mindfulness on Nic's website

All of next year's workshops are available to book via our website. Booking website

When in doubt, come back to yourself, silence is loaded with answers


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