Nutritional and Dietary Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses the latest knowledge in the field of nutrition science to promote and support you with good health and peak performance. Our Chester Nutritionists use Nutritional Therapy to identify potential nutritional imbalances and how these contribute to any negative symptoms you might be experiencing. This approach allows the nutritional therapist to work with people on many levels by addressing nutritional imbalances and supporting the body towards maintaining health.

Just as we are all different externally, we are equally unique internally in the way we digest, absorb, metabolise, break down our food and excrete waste products. Our environment, emotions and relationships can also influence these factors so there can never be a ‘one diet suits all’ model for optimal health.

A nutritional therapist will provide you with a thorough past and current medical questionnaire to establish the root cause of a problem and discover what may be aggravating the symptoms. Some may offer to carry out clinical testing using external laboratories, others through dietary discussions. Then, working with you, the therapist may suggest some dietary changes and perhaps some supplements to bring you closer to optimal health. Call to arrange to see a Nutritionist in Chester.

Health should be defined as ‘living with vitality’ rather than living in the absence of disease (Melanie Jones, Spectrum Nutrition)

 Nutritional therapy is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care provider. You should always consult your GP if you require medical attention or have symptoms that are causing concern. Client information is confidential and will not be released to anyone unless you have given specific permission. You are encouraged to discuss your nutritional programme with your GP.

Our Nutritional Therapists are:

Melanie Jones

Sandra Leyland-Williams



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