• Are you juggling numerous things and fast approaching overwhelm?
  • Feeling anxious or stressed?
  • Suffering from poor health or managing a long term condition?
  • In need of a break for just a few minutes?

Discover for yourself the joy of deep relaxation with Reiki.

What is it?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe treatment for stress reduction and relaxation that can benefit anyone. This Japanese technique can be helpful in promoting healing. Deep relaxation can ease aches and pains, allow you to sleep more soundly, improve digestion and help you to deal with stress in your life. New medical research suggests something as simple as relaxation can actually assist your body with fighting illness and disease.

Deep relaxation can be achieved through the gentle and effective technique of Reiki, which is a relaxation therapy.

Many of us do not find it easy to set aside time so instead, allow our specialist guide you to a deep level of relaxation.

What can I expect during my session?

Your Reiki session will take place in a quiet and private treatment room. You remain fully clothed and can sit or lie comfortably for the session. The practitioner will explain the process and discuss any medical history.

Reiki is offered through either light, non-invasive touch where the practitioner’s hands are placed and held in a series of locations on the head, front and back of the torso, or with the same placements but with hands held just above the body. Some gentle music might be played during the session.

Some people describe a warmth or tingling sensation; others describe a feeling of being deeply relaxed or even refreshed. The impact of relaxation tends to be cumulative so more than one session is often recommended.

Who delivers it?

Julie Flower , Phil Beale and Sarah Cunliffe are Reiki Healers and offer 30 minute sessions.

Emma Halewood is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner and offers 45 minute sessions and programmes


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