Sacred Sound Healing and Reiki Circle Workshop – 2nd July

Next workshop Saturday 2nd July 2022

13:00 – 15:00

Amy listens to her intuition to ensure the circles that she holds, feel nurturing and healing for others. Being someone who is very much so connected to nature and is aware of the healing and support it provides us, Amy feels to share her fondness of the natural world by sharing her channeled songs, lyrics, poetry, mantras that may assist with reviving the connection and appreciation for Mother Earth and with self. Amy chooses to use her voice in the circles for expression and empowerment, with the intention of others feeling and embodying the healing vibrations/energy for themselves as well as sounds from the instruments. Importantly there is space held for self expression with your own voice if you so wish to do so.
Amy also is attuned with Reiki healing energy, which is said to be “Universal life force energy” and is a pure, loving, healing energy. She feels this energy can help self and others to “unblock and unlock the treasure within”.

What is a Sacred Circle?

The intention of these circles is to invite a passage to reawaken and realign mind and heart. Also the circle offers an opportunity to “feel nurtured and nourished, to florish the soul”.
Amy feels by gifting time out for ourselves, we can add true value into our lives, which may rebalance the scales of giving and receiving. Amy feels that when we recognise that we are deserving and worthy to invest in ourselves, this can help with self appreciation.
She feels so many of us often give our energy to the world and often we aren’t receiving back equally, for numerous of reasons. One being we may feel “guilty” to actually take the time to simply be, as Western society is very fast paced and also a lot of people rely on each other. Which can feel exhausting to keep on whizzing by, therefore this circle may help with slowing down, dropping into the body and less out of the mind.

Maybe some signs of feeling you need to have time out to reconnect with self:

🔔Feeling super tired/drained frequently
🔔Difficult time sleeping
🔔Feeling irritated & restless
🔔Feeling angry alot & frustrated
🔔Feeling resentful
🔔Feeling to spend time a lone

Whether this rings true, this event may be for you.

Tools for the sacred circle to warm the heart and ease the mind:

🌿Hot organic raw Cacao/Herbal teas, grounding
🌿Oracle cards – Chosen intuitively by you
🌿Crystals – Chosen intuitively by you
🌿Voice – Mantras, Chants, Songs
🌿Sounds – Drumming, Tingsha bells, Rattle
🌿Massage – Neck, head & shoulder
🌿Reiki Healing
🌿Journalling with nature as a guide
🌿Ritual, grounding & blessings to close the circle

What the sacred circle also offers:

🌹Assistance with coming back into your natural vibration, evoking feeling calm, peace, love, relaxation and cleansing of emotions/feelings
🌹Nudge out of comfort zone by trying something different and unique
🌹Opportunity to learn from each other, from self and nature
🌹Guidance to connect with the internal messages

How to Book

Whether you would like to join the sacred circle or ask questions, you can email Amy.
The maximum is 6 people per circle, £40 per person for 2 hrs.

Facebook page: @EarthyAmy

About Amy

amy sound healing reiki chesterBeing a sensitive, intuitive, curious and open minded person, Amy was naturally drawn to healing practices over time. Which nudged her to the path of discovering once hidden parts of herself by; attending sound and voice circles, learning energy work, learning the importance of trusting intuition, expressing self through movement, observing shadow and light aspects of self, journeying Shamanically, alternative travelling, writing, volunteering at Yoga retreats and in nature. With these experiences Amy started to uncover aspects of herself that helped reclaim back her power by listening to her inner voice and inner wisdom. After a period of her continual healing journey, Amy felt a deep call within to help others restore the connection with themselves. Guiding others to discover who they truly are and how they want to express themselves in their life.
Amy does this by holding a safe sacred space for people to delve into self discovery to assist with regaining clarity for their life’s journey.

Amy has attained L3 massage therapy, L2 Reiki Healing and has a Diploma in Sound Healing.

Amy feels it would be a real honour and would be profoundly grateful to work with you.

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