Sexual Wellbeing Clinic

Welcome to the Sexual Wellbeing Clinic where sexual difficulties are resolved  professionally, holistically & confidentially

We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and patient-centred care for men, women and non-binary people at all stages of life and health.

Sexual Wellbeing Clinic leaflet


Individuals and couples with sexual difficulties…

Sexual difficulties can be hard to talk about and can also put a strain on intimate relationships.

The Sexual Wellbeing Clinic has been established to ensure that clients who come to us with a sexual difficulty experience a smooth, multi-professional approach to care, and are able to access consultation, ongoing appointments, and medical interventions if required from a team of experienced professionals who are able to address and advise on the medical, physical, emotional, relational and psychological aspects of the problem.


Menopausal problems - hot flushes, mood swings and vaginal dryness through to lack of sex drive

Erectile disorder  - problems getting or keeping an erection

Premature ejaculation - reaching sexual climax too quickly

Delayed ejaculation - unable to reach sexual climax

Female orgasmic disorder - unable to reach sexual climax

Dyspareunia - finding sex painful 

Vaginismus - difficultly having penetrative sex

Low libido - problems with desire and arousal

Sexual addiction or out of control sexual behaviours

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Who is on the Team

mr ash alam chesterMr Ash Alam

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Women's Health & Wellbeing Clinic

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Beehive Healthcare Chester | Health and Wellbeing Centre | EmmaEmma Mathews

Psychosexual Therapy: Emma can also offer a comprehensive range of treatments for psychological problems, see the following link for further details


ian pearce consultant urological surgeonIan Pearce

Urology: Ian can also offer a comprehensive range of treatments for urological problems, see the following link for further details

How can I access this service?

You can be referred by your GP alternatively you can self-refer to the service.

We have pre-referral screening advice which means depending on your symptoms any recommended tests can be completed by your GP prior to referral, this means we can exclude certain reasons for the problem prior to seeing you. If you self-refer, we can arrange these tests. For a list of recommended tests see our website “information for GPs”.

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