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shakti dance yoga chesterShakti dance, the yoga of dance, is a rhythmic flowing class based on a form of yoga called Kundalini yoga, though as a form Shakti Dance is eclectic in range, and incorporates elements from other streams of Yogic application as well as Eastern and Western dance styles.. This class is 60 minutes long and combines yoga, dance and mantra.

Shakti Dance is a journey to your own self awakening consciousness. We will begin with a Mantra, followed by Shakti stretches, standing movements, free dance, relaxation, meditation and closing mantra.

Shakti dance is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is not necessary to have a background in Yoga to practice Shakti Dance, but Yogis often find it complementary to their practice, and the streams continue to nourish each other in the evolving creative flow which is Shakti Dance. Shakti Dance provides an insight into Yoga at a physical level and also at a theoretical level.

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What to expect from a Shakti Flowing Asanas 60 min class
This class is a 60 min class focusing on the Shakti flowing Asanas form the Shaktidance Method as taught by Sara Avtar. We will begin with a mantra followed by Shakti flowing asanas, relaxation and closing mantra. The class is open for all ages and abilities. The organic, breath-related Shakti Flowing Asanas increase flexibility, fluidity and graceful movement, while liberating the pranic flow for increased health and vibrance. Rhythmically intertwining this practice with mantras by Saravtar, specifically tuned to the frequency of Saraswati, promotes restorative harmony, meditative clarity and intuitive Presence – for the unfolding your innate creative wisdom! Please bring own yoga mat/blanket.
This class is suitable for all ages and abilities. The class is focusing on relaxation and creative flow through asana, breathwork and mantra.

It is on Monday at 11am – 12pm

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Price for a 60 min class

£6/£7 drop in
£25.20 for block of 4 (10% discount)
Discount for low income/students/pensioners

Who runs this class?
maria shakti dance chesterClasses are run by Maria Prabhucharan Kaur, Shaktidance instructor, Holistic therapist, eco-glitter artist, Full spectrum kids yoga instructor. I have been working as a holistic therapist since 2008 and teaching Shaktidance and Shakti Flowing Asanas since 2012. I have a passion for family wellbeing offering you support in all life stages through my classes, workshops, trainings and therapies.
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