Strategy Coaching

Monika Frackowiak Strategy Coaching in Chester

I am Monika Fracowiak and I'd like to explain strategy coaching to you which is a service I provide at Beehive Healthcare in Chester.

My approach is to help and support people who are ready to let go of any heavy resisting feeling, deep inside. This will be different for everyone due its root cause and your personal circumstances.

I provide a safe environment for you to explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts and will act as a sounding board for you to be able to do this.

This will allow me to create the most suitable bespoke strategies for you to deal with anything you may be facing right now and in the future.

I provide support and encouragement, so that you will allow yourself to be more open minded, in order for you to widen your perspective and grow to create your personal and professional desired results.

How can I help?

I am your ideal coach if you are dealing with problems like stress, anxiety, repetitive behavioural patterns that potentially are causing you to move away from your desired outcomes… When you are confused and unsure which direction to go because if feels like there is no way out because you are caught up in the vicious circle.

You may want to increase your confidence to enable you to confront and deal with issues in your life. I can help you break through those self believing limitations and unresolved blocks that are causing you to drift apart from your true self.

I can help you in your work life, so preparing for business meetings, interviews, taking on extra responsibility or even managing a team can become effortless with the right strategies so you can achieve your dreams.

Is strategy coaching for me?

The first step:

If you are ready to discover and use your bespoke strategies you will be able to move to a new space of consciousness and clear mind, as you are at the right place.  I am absolutely passionate about seeing you progress in your journey to find your inner joy and excel in personal and professional life.

Next step:

Give me a ring on 07519103828 or 01244 915603 to have an initial discussion. I can’t take action for you, but I can create strategies for you to act upon and your actions will create results if you decide to use them and take them forward.

About Monika

Monika Frackowiak's mission is to help people live a happier and healthier life.

Each support consists of an initial consultation where Monika will discuss with you the areas of need you would like to work on. You can opt for a single session or a discounted coaching package

Monika's prices can be found in the coaching section of the price list page

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