Thai Massage – Leg and Foot

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What it is and what I can expect?

This massage can be beneficial for those looking to improve circulation to their legs and feet, or looking to improve flexibility of the feet and ankles.

What is it best for?

It is a relaxing massage which eases muscles aches and pains, reduces stress and fatigue, leaves skin feeling supple, assists lymphatic circulation and may increases cardiovascular circulation and stimulate function of all internal organs.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Relieves Backache
  • Relieves Sciatica
  • Relieves Muscular Aches
  • Promotes mobility
  • Promotes muscle tone
  • Aids circulation and lymph
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Eases nerve irritation
  • Minimises the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Increases happy hormone Serotonin
  • Rehabilitative

Complemented by therapeutic effect of essential oils and relaxing music

Is it suitable for anyone?

If you have certain conditions you would not be advised to have a foot and leg massage at this time.  These include if you are suffering from
• Contagious skin diseases
• Ulceration of thrombosis of the lower leg
• Athlete’s foot
• Injuries to the knee or ankle
• Breaks of sprains
• Viral or fungal diseases
• Septic wounds and/or open wounds
• High Temperature
• Abdominal or digestive complaints
• Infectious diseases
• Cancer
• Recent scar tissue (ie less than 3 months old)

If you are suffering from the following you would need to consult with your GP and obtain their written consent prior to having a treatment:
• Diabetes
• Haemophilia
• Epilepsy
• Severe asthma or lung conditions.
• A cardiac condition, high or low blood pressure
• Immediately before or after surgery
• If a client is on medication for a health condition that could be affected by a massage treatment
• Unrecognised lumps, bumps and swellings of the skin or joints
• Recent broken bones and fractures

Which therapists provide this service?

Our experienced Thai Massage practitioner, Lynsey McCabe trained, completed an exam & qualified in General Thai massage in WatPo, Bangkok in 2018 performs this massage and will provide you with aftercare advice to ensure you gain the optimum experience from the treatment.

Not sure which massage is right for you?

Because we believe in integrated care and ensuring you have the best treatment for you, there is a lot of choice at the Beehive.  We understand that this can be confusing but don't worry - all massage treatments start with a consultation where you can discuss your personal health and well being issues.  The therapist will advise you if they feel an alternative treatment would be more beneficial.  Alternatively contact us and we can talk you through the options.

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