Tongue Tie / Ankyloglossia Assessment & Treatment

Logo cheshire baby supportCheshire Infant Feeding and Baby Support are a dedicated team providing tongue tie assessments. They are passionate about supporting families with tongue tie and have first hand experience of the impact this can have.  For this reason you can be sure they will bring you the most up to date knowledge and skills.  With a focus on on always learning and adapting they work hard to ensure you get the very best.

During your appointment Amanda will run through a full history, discuss any symptoms and complete an oral exam. A comprehensive functional assessment of the tongue will assess the mobility, appearance and specifically how your baby is using it.  She can observe a feed and can help identify why you or your baby are struggling. 

If a tongue tie is identified and you would like the option of treatment, their experienced practitioner will explain the treatment and the small risks involved.  They will discuss what to expect after the procedure, healing, feeding and aftercare. There will also be support with a feed immediately afterwards.  An appropriate care plan can be put in place if necessary.  Their fully comprehensive aftercare package, included as standard, means you can contact us via phone, text or email if you have any questions or concerns. 

Appointments last approximately 1 hour. 

What makes Cheshire Baby Support different from other tongue-tie division practitioners?

  • They firmly believe that tongue-tie division should not be done in isolation from feeding support. For this reason every tongue-tie division Amanda brooks tongue tie support imageappointment will be attended by Jennifer, a tongue-tie practitioner and Amanda, a lactation consultant (IBCLC).  This ensures that a full and holistic assessment is made for each individual baby and family.  This is then followed up by expert and ongoing feeding support. 
  • Amanda will gently and firmly hold your baby’s head during the cut.  This means that parents do not have to do this job.  It also increases the safety of the procedure.
  • Jennifer is qualified to Master’s level in the tongue-tie division procedure and has received the highest recognisable qualification in the country.  Amanda holds the highest qualification in clinical infant feeding support, recognised across the world.
  • They offer ongoing support at our breastfeeding support groups for as long as you need it and will re-assess a tongue-tie free of charge, in our clinic.
  • They pride themselves on looking at your whole picture and not just relying on a tick box exercise.  Feeding issues can also affect sleep, digestive issues and mental health.  This is why they have a multidisciplinary team which includes feeding support, tongue tie assessment/division and bodywork.  This helps us give you the best care possible.
More comprehensive information on what is involved and what to expect can be found on their website here

All appointments are made directly with Cheshire Baby Support.

To book an appointment you can do so online (loads their website booking system external to Beehive Healthcare)

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