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Vitalize Wellness Coaching is provided by Emma Halewood who is a certified Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach and trained under Shola Caroline Arewa who has spent over thirty years studying energy, holistic healthcare, humanistic psychology, ancient spiritual traditions, quantum physics and new paradigm medicine worldwide, all of which led to Shola creating the cutting edge Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching system.

Energy 4 Life is a natural healthcare system that activates the Chakras and Human Energy Field. It’s a powerful energetic approach, coaching people to live Healthy, Happy and Successful lives.

Energy 4 Life encompasses 4 modalities - Energy Exercise, Energy Balance, Energy Foods, and Energy Psychology.

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 Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching begins with an initial intake session lasting 90 minutes, during which we establish your goals and identify the tools and techniques that will be most effective in helping you achieve them. We recommend weekly / fortnightly follow up sessions lasting 60 minutes during which we will work together to move your forward with your goals, health, wellness and happiness.

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