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 Welcome to Beehive Healthcare - Health and Wellbeing Centre

Rebalance your health and well-being to find harmony in our healing space.

Discover just how far your health can improve by accessing services from one or more of the many businesses who operate from within our Centre.

Experience the extensive range of complementary and traditional therapies, classes and workshops all delivered by businesses and professionals who have specialised in those areas. If you’re unsure of what treatments might be best, remember that our mission is to find the best approach to improve your health and wellbeing.

A Registered General Nurse, our Director, Sharon Shelbourne has 30 years of multidisciplinary experience, and the whole team has extensive knowledge of all treatments. We’re here to help you.

Different therapies are uniquely beneficial, so we give you expert advice, choices and ongoing support about the best ways to manage your health, both mental and physical.

We offer a range of therapeutic treatments in Chester including:

  • massage including Tui Na and pain relieving
  • menopause care
  • acupuncture
  • psychotherapy
  • aromatherapy

please see 'hives' below for full details.

We also hold regular workshops such as first aid training for parents and hypnobirthing.

Once you choose your way forward, whether through a single treatment or a course, our dedicated team of highly qualified and understanding practitioners will carry out a thorough assessment. Our therapists run their own businesses but work closely to give you optimum results, together.

We know you are more than your symptoms, so let's work together on the road to recovery.

If you know do what treatment or class you want to book, you’ll find information on all our treatments and classes below.

Book with your chosen professional or ask us to send them your contact details and they will give you a call to arrange an appointment.

Book Now Or Find Out More

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage found at a spa. It combines various hands-on techniques to warm, then break up muscle knots known as adhesions.

Workshops and Events

We have a range of NHS and Private workshops and classes. View them here Workshops & Events