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Can complementary healthcare help you?

When you are coping with a health condition – or helping someone else with theirs – it’s not always straightforward to know the best way to manage it. You might be having treatment already but wondering whether complementary therapies could also help. Even if you’ve decided you want to try a holistic approach, you may need professional and friendly guidance to help you understand all the options and decide which ones are right for you.

We understand what it’s like to be in those situations. Beehive Healthcare’s owner Sharon Shelbourne is a registered general nurse. She’s worked in the NHS for over 25 years in a broad range of roles helping all ages from the very young to the elderly. She’s worked with people who have acute and chronic conditions. She’s held various roles including Health Visitor, Nurse, District Nurse and Service Manager in Children’s Services.

The power of integration

A key part of her focus has been working in an integrated way. In other words, making sure anyone (or any agency) who could help with a particular situation was involved in it. The ideal combination of people and services working together and focusing on the customer meant the right results were achieved for that customer.

When integration is built around the person who needs the services it offers huge benefits. And at a personal level Sharon has accessed a variety of complementary therapies alongside traditional medicine and found the combination to be exceptionally beneficial.

Sharon has combined that ethos of integration with her belief in the power of using complementary therapies alongside conventional healthcare. The result is Beehive Healthcare – an integrated healthcare centre in Chester where you can access a combination of conventional and complementary therapies and treatments with professional support every step of the way.

What does Beehive Healthcare’s philosophy mean for you?

Your needs and wishes are at the centre of everything we do

You are unique and will respond in your own way to therapies and therapists. The key is finding the best approach for you. Our holistic healthcare means your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs are all taken into account. The focus is on how we can help you to achieve your optimum level of health. We’ll give you choices and ongoing support and advice about the best ways to manage your health.

Here at The Beehive client confidentiality and discretion is paramount, as is client satisfaction. All clients can receive a free consultation to discuss their needs, lifestyle and individual expectations before either a single treatment or if appropriate a tailored programme of treatments is agreed.

Furthermore you may be having treatment through the NHS for your condition. Our professional therapists will make sure any therapies you have will support your treatment plan and will not have any negative interactions with your medication.

Our therapists work closely with you – but also each other

One size definitely does not fit all. Beehive Healthcare gives you choice and flexibility by having several different therapists on hand.

Our experienced team of professional and highly qualified practitioners will carry out a thorough assessment to adapt a treatment plan for you so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible care. Our therapists run their own businesses but work closely together to make sure your health results are the best they can be and your preferences are always taken into account. Meet the team

While single interventions offer powerful results there’s also considerable value from trying a few complementary therapies particularly with long term health conditions or issues.

All treatments are provided in a calm, peaceful healing environment

Our healing philosophy extends to the centre’s building. The interior has been designed to cater for everyone’s needs whether they are physical disabilities or other issues. But it goes beyond that; the centre is designed to be a healing environment. So you’ll be in an environment more reminiscent of a health spa with its calming relaxing atmosphere and visually beautiful surroundings.

Next Steps

If you’d like to come and have a chat, or need more information about how our holistic healthcare can help you, call us on 01244915603 or email info@beehivehealthcare.co.uk

We keep on growing

Our dedication to developing our wellbeing centre has been recognised by two awards which we’re so delighted to tell you we won in 2016.

We’ve won the Green Pages “New Business of the Year 2016”

Green Pages New Business Of The Year

And we’ve won the West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce “Business Growth Award of 2016”

Chamber of Commerce Business Growth Award


We’re still growing as we believe continuous growth is essential to ensure we provide the best services possible, so watch this space for more developments.